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History Major

What is it like to study history at Alverno?

As a history major you will study history as a way of knowing, thinking about and encountering the world.  By examining art, literature, letters, and other relics of the past, you will experience history "hands-on" in a way that takes you beyond the textbook. You will be learning history as part of a community of students and faculty that enjoy exploring and discussing what we study.

What would I do in a typical history class?

In one course, Critical Perspectives on the American Past: The Origins of Slavery, you will consider and research questions like: What role did slavery play in establishing America? How did slavery go from being widely accepted to being strongly condemned? You will work directly with slave ship documents from an extensive database in order to find your own answers to these questions.  You will study slavery's role in the creation of our country and use historical documents and art to interpret the nation's values over time.  Later, you will present your findings and engage in a discussion with your classmates.

What kinds of history will I study?

At Alverno, we believe history is best learned by experiencing a wide variety of historical regions, topics and periods.  You will take courses in United States and world history.  In addition, we offer a number of courses you can choose from including histories of regions such as Latin America, Europe, China, Japan and the Middle East and topics such as the 60s, women in Islamic societies, immigration, the Cold War, and indigenous peoples.

To see a full description of required courses for history majors and minors click here.

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