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Undergraduate Programs

Explore a range of majors and minors with nearly limitless opportunities to launch your career.

Graduate Programs

Grow as a leader and advance in your profession with one of our graduate programs for women and men.

Adult Learning and Degree Completion

Elevate your career with degree-completion and licensure/certificate programs.

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Your generosity empowers the next generation of leaders to become their best selves. Your support makes a difference on campus, in Milwaukee and throughout the world.

All students face tuition expenses. But first-generation students often face them alone. Your gift will help another woman earn her degree and become Alverno Strong.

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Nearly 100% of eligible students received financial assistance for the 2020–21 academic year. Our biggest fundraising of the year for scholarships, the Alverno Giving Challenge, was a major success thanks to alums, friends, parents, faculty, staff and trustees.

2020 Alverno Students Say Thank You

Alverno has held a special place in my heart because my mom graduated in 1994 despite all the odds against her. While she kept quiet during my college search, I came to find on my own that Alverno is the place where I belong. Receiving a scholarship changed my perspective on my education. I always believed I couldn't, but now I KNOW I can.

- Ryleigh

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