Affording your Alverno education


Alverno offers a variety of merit-based and need-based scholarships to help support your education, along with grants, student loans and student employment.

We are happy to help you search for and identify scholarship opportunities from organizations outside of Alverno as well as to assist you with your scholarship applications.

I am a:


Alverno College Academic Scholarships
High School
3.75-4.0 3.50-3.74 2.90-3.49 2.3-2.89


Students who enroll in our Associate of Arts and Science program will receive a $10,000 Augustine Grant. 

Competitive Scholarships

In addition to merit-based scholarships, Alverno offers first-year undergraduate students additional opportunities to receive scholarships:

ROOSEVELT: This scholarship recognizes a student coming direct from high school who has demonstrated excellence in leadership and volunteerism through school activities, work responsibilities and community involvement. The Roosevelt Scholar will receive a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Alverno. The application for students who start at Alverno in the Fall of 2024 is available: Roosevelt Scholarship Application. (The submission deadline for Fall 2023 has closed.)

ACHIEVERS: Achievers Scholars receive a $2,000 renewable scholarship in addition to the merit-based scholarship awarded upon acceptance. Scholarship recipients are admitted into the Achievers Scholars Learning Community, a community of peers that have access to additional resources and opportunities for academic growth and excellence. Application information for the 2024-2025 academic year is available at Achievers Scholarship. (The submission deadline for Fall 2023 has closed.)

Scholarships for All Students

The Alverno College Financial Aid Office offers various internal and external scholarships that students can apply for throughout the year.

A current listing of these scholarships can be viewed here:

First Gen Fellowships

Denny's Hungry for Education Scholarship (Due November 1st)

Chick-fil-a Community Scholarship (Due November 1st)

Burger King Scholarship (Due December 15th)

The Arnold Palmer Memorial Annual Scholarship 2023 Due December 25th)

Orangesoft Women in Technology Scholarship Program (Due Novermber 15th)

A Daring Path No-Essay Scholarship (Due October 31)

US Bank Scholarship (Due October 30th)

Aurora Lakeland Medical Center Associates Scholarship

As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, all Alverno students – regardless of race or ethnicity – are eligible for additional scholarships. View a current listing of these opportunities from the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

Scholarship Spotlights:

Scholarship Resources:

Scholarship Search Sites:

Looking for scholarships that only fit your situation? Try these popular scholarship search engines:

2023-24 Transfer Scholarships 

At Alverno, we understand the value that transfer students bring to our community. In addition to our streamlined admissions process, we offer a network of support to help our transfer students accomplish their goals. We also offer merit-based scholarships:


Scholarship            Amount 


Dean's                          $20,000


Founders'                      $16,000


PHI THETA KAPPA SCHOLARSHIP: This renewable $1,500 transfer scholarship is open to weekday undergraduate students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Eligible students receive $750 per semester.

2023-24 CCON 2+2 Scholarships 











Scholarship assistance

For general assistance, please contact the Alverno Financial Aid office at 414-382-6262 or

For assistance with scholarship essay writing, please contact the Alverno Communication Resource Center at 414-382-6016 or

The Alverno Career Studio offers assistance with writing and updating resumes. Contact them at 414-382-6010 or find more information here. You may also view a sample resume to use in scholarship applications.

For scholarships that require academic transcripts, you can submit this request form to the Alverno Registrar or call them at 414-382-6370.

To know what option will work best, we recommend you contact the scholarship organization for their best recommendation with providing a GPA when Alverno does not offer letter grades.

  •  OPTION 1: Student provides an official or unofficial transcript (referred to “course history”) to scholarship organization in place of GPA. Official transcripts are available for a fee through the Registrar’s Office. The official transcript includes a lead page that explains Alverno’s grading policy, then includes course history and validations. The course history is available free of charge through IOL.
  • OPTION 2: Student writes “N/A” or “0.0” in the field that requests GPA.

If one of the options above is not allowable, the student should contact the Registrar's Office to submit a release and obtain a GPA conversion. GPA conversions are free. They usually take about 2 weeks, or longer during breaks.   

The individuals who you ask to write you a recommendation letter for an internal or institutional scholarship (including faculty/staff) have the option to provide a traditional letter of ‌recommendation or use the ‌Internal Scholarship Recommendation Form.

NOTE: This form is only accepted for internal scholarships.

Our tips on applying for outside scholarships. It also lists several national search sites, which can help you get started with your scholarship search.