Discover your musical potential with a bachelor's degree in music from Alverno. Our comprehensive curriculum blends theory, history and performance to prepare students for dynamic careers in music. Our program is the perfect stage for aspiring musicians to refine their artistic voice. Join us and let the power of music propel your academic and creative journey.

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In the classroom

As a music student, you'll receive a well-rounded, contemporary music education. You'll take applied lessons in voice or a designated primary instrument, leading to a culminating recital. At the end of each semester, you will participate in a performance assessment (jury), receiving written feedback from a panel of music faculty, and writing your own self assessment of musical skills gained and to be improved upon. In addition to lessons with a private instructor, you will participate in a weekly performance lab, which provides additional opportunities to perform and receive feedback, review important repertoire for your performance area, and play in small group settings with other students.

You’ll thrive in small classes led by dedicated faculty mentors who have deep experience in music. We curate learning to meet your individual needs, connect you with people in the field and help you set personal goals. You are not just a student to us — you are the future of music and a lifetime member of our community.

Beyond the classroom

You'll have the opportunity to perform in a variety of diverse and modern ensembles such as Vocal A Cappella, Improvisation Ensemble, Latin Percussion, and Guitar Ensemble, as well as the Alverno Choir and Wind Ensemble.

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Music + The Alverno Difference

Alverno is the only Catholic Institution in the Milwaukee area to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. The curriculum focuses on contemporary music history, theory and applied repertoire with less emphasis on western classical music than other schools.

At Alverno, you'll find an empowering, supportive environment that helps you achieve your best. We help women realize their potential in otherwise male-dominated fields, like music theory, composition and production.

Instead of letter grades, we focus on your personal development and real-world skills — equipping you with the communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need to thrive. Our learning approach is centered around the 8 Abilities, which will set you apart from the crowd.

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Entrance auditions are required of all students who desire to major in music at Alverno College. The auditions are designed to assess the applicant's ability to successfully pursue college level studies in music and place the applicant in courses consistent with current ability level.

Please fill out this online form to register. Once you have completed and submitted your registration, you are considered registered for the Music Department auditions. Any questions can be directed to the Performance & Audition Coordinator at

Please refer to the documents available here to help you prepare for your audition:

Audition Process Information (PDF)
Virtual Audition Instructions (PDF)


We are here to help. Please contact the following faculty by email for any further inquiries:

Rob Collier (Music Theory)
Sarah Richardson (Audition Coordinator)
Leslie Henry (Music Therapy)