As an Alverno biology major, you’ll develop the knowledge and scientific tools to better understand plants, animals, humans and their interaction with the world — then use that understanding to make a difference. You might study animal behavior in the wild, gather field samples to analyze the effects of climate change on ecosystems, or help develop new medicines in a lab.

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In the classroom

Alverno’s STEM majors aren’t isolated in their own departments the way they are at many colleges. You’ll thrive in our small classes led by dedicated faculty mentors who have deep experience in biology. You'll get to know your professors, who will personally guide you through coursework and help you select the right classes, internships, research experiences and other opportunities to reach your career goals.

You will engage in both individual and group labs, gaining a hands-on understanding of the challenges and excitement of the scientific process. You'll advance to asking more in-depth questions, constructing and evaluating models and refining skills through self-assessment, ultimately preparing you for advanced work where you take charge of your learning, make strategic decisions in projects and develop a personal code of scientific ethics for your future as a professional biologist.

Beyond the classroom

Outside of class, you might work as a paid lab assistant or tutor or help mentor and inspire young women and middle or high school girls to explore STEM. You may also participate in faculty-student research.

You’ll intern for at least one semester, giving you a valuable opportunity to build your resume while getting hands-on experience. Alverno’s Career Studio, which is connected to more than 2,000 partner sites, can help you find the right internship for you.

Amorina, Biology Major

Alverno faculty are very hands-on and motivating. The professors want you to succeed and offer the tools for you to do so. Alverno’s reputation also aids in internship and career opportunities. My two internship sites were pleased to have me because they’ve had Alverno students before and love to work with us.

Biology + The Alverno Difference

We create women leaders who are ready to succeed and shatter ceilings in traditionally male-dominated STEM fields. At Alverno, you’ll find an empowering, supportive environment that helps you achieve your best.

Instead of letter grades, we focus on your personal development and real-world skills — equipping you with the crucial communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need to thrive as a scientist. Our learning approach is centered around the 8 Abilities, which will set you apart from the crowd.


Biology Minor

In addition to the biology major, Alverno offers a biology minor that complements many areas of study. A biology minor can provide you with a valuable interdisciplinary perspective, enhancing your understanding of the natural world and its applications.