Creative Arts

Arts at Alverno

The arts are integral to the development of self-expression, innovation and well-being. Through arts experiences, students learn to observe and engage with and shape the world, which provides opportunities for professional preparation and personal growth.

Art (Studio Art)

Drawing, painting, ceramics, metalwork, glass, fibers, digital photography, sculpture, bookmaking and more.

Art Therapy

With an Art Therapy major, you’ll explore the individual and societal of benefits of art therapy and make a difference.

Art Education

A student majoring in Art Education learns the abilities and techniques to help others develop their artistic talents.

Art Education / Art Therapy

With this unique double major, you’ll help others explore their sense of self while growing their artistic talents.

Creative Arts in Practice

You'll become an interdisciplinary artist with the entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive artistic landscape.

Media Design

You’ll learn to express your creativity through graphic design, photography, video, digital illustration and animation.


Our music major blends theory, history and performance to prepare students for dynamic careers in music.

Music Therapy

Our music therapy major teaches students how use music to unlock clients’ potential, improving their quality of life.