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Residence Hall Living Expectations

Austin Hall and Clare Hall are designed to facilitate a safe, healthy and enjoyable living-learning environment that promotes spiritual, social and academic well-being of all residents. You are expected to learn to accept and share responsibilities of living within the community and to develop the skills of cooperation and communication. Therefore, you can expect the following in the residence halls:

  • Respect for privacy, quiet, study time and sleep
  • Respect for personal property and possessions
  • A positive atmosphere that discourages destructive criticism of persons, gossip and harassment
  • An acceptance of the differences that make each person a unique individual
  • Honesty from others
  • Courtesy from others
  • The right to a safe, clean, and orderly room and living area
  • A nonsmoking environment

For more information about Residence Hall living expectations, you can check out our 2016-2017 Residence Life Handbook (pdf). By living on campus, our residents agree to follow the policies stated in the Handbook and meet both Residential Life and Campus Expectations.

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