Living on Campus

Living on campus is a great chance for students to live and learn with their peers. On campus residents have easy access to dining facilities, classrooms, and a wide variety of campus activities. Living on campus gives students the ability to live and learn with their peers while reaching their academic goals.

Alverno College requires that all Weekday College students entering the college within one year of high school graduation, who are single with no dependents, to live on campus for their first two semesters unless the student is living with parents or a legal guardian. All on-campus students must be signed up for a Meal Plan. 

All first year students are housed in Austin Hall in a double room on Meal Plan One. Austin Hall is the home of our Learning Communities which include the Community Service and Leadership, Center for Academic Excellence and Wellness/Athletics communities.

After that first year, there are many different room styles to choose from in both Austin and Clare Hall, and three different meal plan choices. Alverno offers suites (single with a bathroom), large singles, small singles, and doubles in Austin Hall. Suites and large singles are available in Clare Hall. Clare Hall provides a more independent living environment for its residents. 

Housing Contract Process

All students must complete a Housing Application and Contract in order to be assigned to a room. Housing contracts can only be completed on-line. Please ensure that all of your information is completely and accurately filled out on the Housing Contract. The Housing Contract is for all full-time students, including Weekday, Weekend and Graduate students.

Our Housing Application process for the 2020-2021 academic year is fully online. Please follow this link to access the 2020-2021 Housing Contract. You will need to use your Alverno login information to access our Housing Contract.

Below are the options and costs for living on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year:

Meal Plans

Austin Hall Double

Austin Hall Small Single

Austin Hall Large Single

Austin Hall Suite

Clare Hall Large Single

Clare Hall Suite






















Clare Only Meal Plan







 Rates are per semester and are subject to change prior to the academic year.

Additionally, all on campus students will have a $75 Resident Activity Fee. 

As a part of the contract process, you will be asked if you are informed about the Meningitis and Hepatitis B vaccines.  Here are two information sheets regarding those vaccines:

Hepatitis B Information Sheet

Meningococcal Vaccines Information Sheet


Important Dates to know for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Jan. 15 The 2020-2021 Housing Application will be live for students to complete.
Apr 22 Housing Assignments for returning students will be completed
July 1 Housing Assignments will be sent out to students who have requested and confirmed a roommate and completed their application prior to June 26.
July 22

Housing Assignments will be sent out to students who have completed their Housing Application prior to July 17.

Aug 24 Last day to complete a Housing Application and plan to move in on Move In Day
Aug. 29 Move-In Day for new and returning residents 9am-3pm
Aug. 31 ILA (Introduction to Liberal Arts) for all new Weekday students
Sept 2 Weekday Classes Begin
Sept. 16

Last day to complete a Petition for Release of Contract form for Fall 2020. Last day to change your Meal Plan for Fall 2020

Dec 18 Residence Hall close for Winter Break at 12pm
Jan 24 Residence Halls open for Spring 2021 Semester
Feb 10 Last day to complete a Petition for Release from the Housing Contract for Spring 2021. Last day to change your meal plan for Spring 2021.
May 14 Residence Halls close for Summer Break at 12pm.


Themed Learning Communities

Alverno College Residence Life offers different themed communities in both Austin and Clare Hall. They are as follows:

Austin Hall

Community Service and Leadership Wing - The purpose of this floor is to bring a group of like-minded students together in a community where they will participate in activities rooted in service with opportunities to develop as leaders.

Wellness/Athletics Wing - The purpose of this floor is to bring together students that have a passion for wellness and want to be involved in the athletic experience at Alverno. 

Center for Academic Excellence Wing - The purpose of this floor is to help students engage in their academic experience and research with the support of the Center for Academic Excellence.

Move-In Day Information

Move-in day for students is Saturday, August 30, 2020 from  9a.m.-3p.m. Carts are available on a limited basis to assist with your move-in process.  For a smoother process, students must have completed and turned in all Student Accounts paperwork, including your Loan Agreement and agreement on payments. In addition, please bring with you the immunization form that you receive in your resident information mailing.  Additional copies will be available. If you need to research your immunization record, and you are from Wisconsin, please go to  Students are required to submit completed forms prior to receiving room keys.

Personalizing Your Room: What to Bring and What Not to Bring

 For a complete list: Things to Bring to Campus.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to Alverno students who are registered for classes for the next Fall Semester, but also need to stay in the area for the summer.  This is a great option for students taking summer classes, completing internships or working on campus over the summer.  You have the option of having your own room or a roommate, depending upon availability.  

For a student to live on campus over the summer, she must be registered for the upcoming Fall term and her balance needs to be $199 or less.

In order to receive a Summer Housing Contract, please contact We will send a digital copy of the contract.

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