Bachelor of Science in Nursing


JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing and Health Professions

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

At Alverno, you’ll experience the world of nursing firsthand. You’ll work alongside professors who will personally guide you through rigorous course work, coach you to excel in clinical placements and prepare you for a lifetime of leadership as a skilled, compassionate nurse.

Not only that, Alverno is home to the one of the largest nursing schools in the state. This means access to the expertise and resources you need to become great, as well as a stronger network to keep you connected throughout your nursing career.

Why Alverno?

What really sets Alverno’s nursing program apart is that it’s reflective of the world in which you’ll work. Nurses are required to communicate effectively, think critically and problem-solve easily — all skills students master as a result of Alverno’s world-renowned abilities-based curriculum.

Hands-on learning
The student-to-faculty ratio is low, which means your professors will know you by name and are dedicated partners in your success. You’ll work in simulation labs to practice providing nursing care in a realistic clinical setting, all while honing your skills to evaluate your own performance. By the time you work with patients in your clinical placement, you’ll feel confident and well-prepared.

Clinical placements
Your clinical experiences in areas of nursing that interest you are guaranteed, and, unlike many schools, there’s no waiting list to get in. Alverno has close partnerships with 25 community health organizations that include hospitals, clinics, home healthcare, long-term care, mental health facilities and more.

Your clinical work enhances everything learned in class, giving you the hands-on experience of a working nurse. Plus, you’ll make important career connections with local professionals. Thanks to the preparation they receive, Alverno nursing students are in high demand and stand out among their peers.

You’ll also have a unique opportunity during senior year, when you’ll pair up with a nurse in the community. You’ll be able to take on more responsibility, demonstrate your skills and begin your transition from student to practitioner.

Career opportunities
Alverno will prepare you to excel no matter which area of nursing you choose. In fact, 98% of our nursing graduates who are seeking jobs get them.

A world of experience
What is the relationship between culture and health care? What can you learn from other cultures and health care practices? Experience nursing in Hong Kong, Japan or Jamaica while studying abroad for anywhere from two weeks to a full semester. There are some excellent scholarships to help support travel and housing costs.

Learn with nursing experts
Not only will you learn directly from professors who have advanced degrees in nursing, but you’ll gain experience and confidence interacting with industry professionals. Alverno’s nursing faculty are recognized experts in wellness, oncology, geriatrics, critical care and community health nursing. Plus, they’re well-connected with local organizations and associations, meaning you’re never short of professional networking.

 Undergraduate Nursing Program Learning Outcomes

An Alverno College graduate with a major in nursing:

  • Applies leadership concepts and skills grounded in professional standards to support innovation and adaptation in evolving healthcare systems.
  • Integrates theories and evidence based practice using multiple ways of thinking to promote, restore, and maintain optimum health of diverse individuals, families, communities, systems, and global populations.
  • Integrates a global perspective with an understanding of self and others within the shared environment to promote health and well-being.
  • Promotes a culture of quality, safety, and inclusiveness through mindful practice of continuous quality improvement.
  • Communicates and collaborates effectively and professionally using a variety of modes.



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