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Alverno College Will Launch a New Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate Program

Alverno College Will Launch a New Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate Program

Responding to a critical need in the Milwaukee area, Alverno College will launch a new substance abuse counseling certificate program in the fall. The program will be an area of specialization for social work majors, while non-social work students may opt to take it as a minor. Alumni will also be able to earn a certificate by taking the required courses. Students who successfully complete the program will have the academic requirements to apply for state substance abuse counselor licensure with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.   

The new program further enables the work of Alverno’s strategic plan, which aims to grow enrollment in targeted programs to support workforce development needs for Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. 

“We know there is a demand in Milwaukee and in the state of Wisconsin for social workers and counselors who are trained in substance abuse,” said Crystal Aschenbrener, chair of the Social Work department at Alverno. “This new program will allow our students to meet a crucial need in our community, while also providing them with more employment opportunities once they graduate.”  

The certificate program is a flexible option for people who already have a degree in social work, allowing them to earn certification in a specialized, in-demand field with as little as seven credits of additional classwork. Alverno’s program offers human services professionals a chance to be more marketable and have higher earning potential, while at the same time being better prepared and more qualified,” said Aschenbrener.  

Alverno’s social work program educates practitioners to understand and navigate the conditions that created clients’ suffering and teaches students how to advocate for changes in policy and legislation. The new substance abuse counseling program will expand upon this, preparing graduates to provide specialized substance abuse knowledge and skills to support individuals, families, groups, and the broader community.  

For more information, call the Alverno Admissions office at 414-382-6100.