Ensembles provide opportunities to develop skills, gain access to new music, and allow participants to share in the joy of performing as part of a group. The Fall 2023 schedule for each ensemble is provided below.

Welcome to Alverno Music Ensembles!

Nova A Cappella

A cappella involves creating modern commercial music only with voices, including vocal percussion/beatboxing instead of traditional drums. This course requires students to have strong intonation and rhythm skills, a willingness to experiment vocally across genres and an ability to work well in a team.

Alverno Choir (female voices)

The choir offers students from all areas of study an opportunity to learn and perform choral music for women's voices. The chorus performs one concert each semester as well as performing at various local and college functions. (Non-music majors are welcome.)

Guitar Ensemble

Students will play duos, trios and jazz pieces from written notation and lead sheets, learning to coordinate guitar techniques with other players as well as how to arrange ensemble pieces.

Instrumental Chamber Ensemble (Jazz Improvisation)

An ensemble of diverse musicians who practice reading lead sheets and improvisation in various modern genres. Students will learn how to make music spontaneously with the goal of improved sight reading, transposition and working in diverse groups.

Flute Ensemble

Explore the repertoire of flute choir music from the baroque, classical, and contemporary eras. The skills to be addressed in this ensemble include sight reading, rhythm, basic musical principles, adjustment of group balance, and intonation. Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments in the flute family, including the piccolo and alto flute. Permission by instructor required which may include a simple audition.

Latin Percussion Ensemble

Explore the roots and traditions of some of the most popular music from Latin American cultures, but with a modern approach. Develop skills in a range of areas including hand and mallet techniques, rhythmic reading, and balance in a collaborative setting. No experience is necessary, and instruments will be provided. 

Community Members

Join us! Some of Alverno's musical student groups are also open to community members eager to share a love of music in a college-level choir or instrumental ensemble. Community members are encouraged to participate in choir, guitar, flute, and instrumental chamber ensembles. Registration is $120 per person per ensemble for one semester.  

In addition to completing the registration form, we ask that you also submit a recommendation from a current music teacher or ensemble director OR a recorded audition piece.

Please note: Alverno College mandates that all students, faculty, staff, and community members on campus be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination will be required before you are confirmed.