Give back to the place that helped you become #AlvernoStrong by volunteering at an upcoming event, becoming an assessor or participating in other opportunities to support Alverno and our students. Current volunteer opportunities are listed below.

Questions? Contact alumnae@alverno.edu or call 414-382-6085.

A professional businesswoman shows a business student a process on a desktop computer

Business Professionals to Mentor Alverno Business Students

Alverno College offers a new, innovative and comprehensive approach to business education by pairing students with professional coach mentors throughout their three-year academic journey. This initiative is not just an academic exercise, but a transformative journey for both students and their coaches.

This unique educational initiative bridges the gap between academic theory and practical, real-world experience, providing students with invaluable insights into various aspects of the business world.

Alverno is currently offering volunteer opportunities for business professionals to mentor students one-on-one, in groups or via in-class presentations.

A volunteer assessor smiles while speaking with a student

Become a Volunteer Assessor for the Social Interaction Assessment

Alverno seeks volunteers for the Social Interaction Assessment. Volunteers receive training in how to interpret the criteria for each assessment, to observe student performance, and to provide feedback. The first time you assess, you will be paired up with an experienced assessor. Volunteer assessors must have a bachelor’s degree, an interest in helping students, and effective interaction skills.

Many of our assessors have been assessing for 10 years or more. What keeps them coming back?

  • Assessors find it stimulating and rewarding to help students learn to judge their own performance.
  • Most assessors report that the process of learning to identify constructive behaviors and providing accurate feedback makes them better supervisors. These skills help them evaluate their own efforts and those of staff and employees.
  • Assessors make a unique contribution to the personal and professional development of students. For many, it is a very personal way of giving something back to the community.

If you have any questions, contact Raechel Bowersox at raechel.bowersox@alverno.edu or 414-382-6021.

Group of Bowman scholars in their gold Bowman t-shirts

Become a Thea Bowman Institute Mentor

Alverno College invites you to become a mentor for students in the College's Thea Bowman Institute for Excellence and Leadership. The Institute accepts Black undergraduate students pursuing social change. It was launched in 2020 after the killing of George Floyd and other racial injustices.

The Institute seeks to achieve three goals: increase retention of Black students; offer emotional and academic support from a dedicated group of Black women; and promote experiential learning focused on social change.

These goals address some of the barriers Black women face that have led to persistent gaps in college attainment, achievement, persistence and graduation rates. In Fall 2023, there will be 21 Bowman Scholars; six Scholars are expected to graduate in Spring 2024.

We believe that Black Alverno alumnae can strengthen the support Bowman Scholars receive by:

  • Helping them build professional networks and communication skills.
  • Sharing knowledge about their academic and career challenges as a Black person as well as how they overcome those challenges.
  • Providing professional and leadership advice.
  • Encouraging student success.
  • Being good listeners.
  • Suggesting experiential learning opportunities focused on social change.
  • Fundraising to support full-tuition scholarships for Bowman Scholars.

As a mentor, you would be paired with a Bowman Scholar based on your shared interests or their professional goals. Mentors and students are required to submit application forms so they can be matched. Other requirements are:

  • Be accessible, accountable and authentic.
  • Report any issues or concerns pertaining to your mentee to the Institute Director.
  • Engage with your mentee a minimum of three times each semester.
  • Attend engaging workshops and social events.
  • Attend a brief training about expectations.

If you are interested in becoming a Bowman Scholar mentor or have questions, please contact Rosland Briggs-Gammon at rosland.briggs@alverno.edu or 414-382-6418.