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Business Coaching Program

Uniquely Empowering Future Business Leaders

Alverno College offers a new, innovative and comprehensive approach to business education by pairing students with professional coach mentors throughout their three-year academic journey. This initiative is not just an academic exercise, but a transformative journey for both students and their coaches.

This unique educational initiative bridges the gap between academic theory and practical, real-world experience, providing students with invaluable insights into various aspects of the business world, ranging from international studies and networking strategies to effective use of LinkedIn.

About the Program

  • Launched in 2023
  • Currently supported by 12 seasoned, professional coaches who are committed to guiding and supporting Alverno’s business students with personalized guidance and expertise
  • Primary interaction is virtual; however, some coaches and students have initiated the opportunity for in-person meetings and work campus tours, further enriching the students' learning and professional development
  • Connections often extend beyond the students’ time at Alverno, providing them with a robust professional network as they embark on their careers
A professional businesswoman shows a business student a process on a desktop computer

The Power of Mentorship

Research has consistently shown the positive impact of mentorship in educational settings. Through this mentorship, students learn how to build and maintain professional relationships, a skill that's crucial in today’s business world. They gain not just academic knowledge, but also confidence, communication skills and a deeper understanding of their chosen field.

Professional Growth for Coaches

The benefits of this program extend to the coaches – engaging with young, aspiring professionals offers mentors a fresh perspective and keeps them connected with the latest trends and ideas in the business world. As a two-way street, this relationship fosters continuous learning and professional growth while offering the opportunity to shape the next generation of business leaders.

Alverno is currently offering volunteer opportunities for business professionals to mentor students one-on-one, in groups or via in-class presentations.

A professional man explains a business concept to a business student

Current Coaches

Adam Derus – UKG
Amy Mitchell – Harley-Davidson
Camina Kopp – Harley-Davidson
Florie Greenhill – Northwestern Mutual
Ivan Rahman – Northwestern Mutual
Jasmin Treske – Bader Philanthropies
Jessica LaRocque – PNC Bank
Kristin Settle – Northwestern Mutual
Manny Lara – Ready Rebound
Roy Combronero – Northwestern Mutual
Sarah Harrington – Northwestern Mutual
Simmi Urbanek – Greenfire Management Services