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In Honor of...
Molly Conway ’67
Bob and Judy Steinke

Sister Bernardin Deutsch ’53
Ellen M. Goldstein ’89

Sister Margaret Earley ’52, on her 90th birthday
Karen Cairo and Scott Taylor
William Darcy
Gail ’79 and Robert Earley
Robert Earley families
Stephen Earley
Bill Geegan
Bradley Geegan
Kortney Geegan
Margaret Geegan
Patrick and Susan Geegan
Shawn Geegan
William Geegan
Michael Groble
Brian Kutcher
Louise S. Thompson ’01

Jodi Eastberg
Kathleen ’95 and Robert Brumder
Barbara Fuldner

Carla Elena Echeveste ’14, as the recipient of Alverno's 2019 Rising Star Award
Mari-Anne ’91 and Donald Hechmann

Patricia Hoefler ’63, as the recipient of Alverno’s 2019 Outstanding Alumna Award
Mari-Anne ’91 and Donald Hechmann

Jeff Honoré, for 25 years of service to the Archdiocesan Choir
Dean Daniels

Lynnea Katz-Petted ’03, as the recipient of Alverno's 2019 Service to the Community Award
Mari-Anne ’91and Donald Hechmann

Pat Luebke
Anne H. Vogel

Mary J. Meehan H’05
Maureen K. Barney

Jeanette Mitchell ’82, as the recipient of the Professional Dimensions 2019 Sacagawea Award
Mari-Anne ’91 and Donald Hechmann

Elizabeth O'Hara ’15, as the recipient of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network 2019 Emerging Leader Award
Mari-Anne ’91 and Donald Hechmann

Sister Celestine Schall ’48, for her 75th Jubilee
Sue Leister ’05
Sandra G. Siira ’97

Sister Mary Jane Wagner ’64

In Memory of…
Kevin Andrews, my son
Virginia Andrews ’92

Marlene Thompson Atkielski ’56
Jean Kolo ’56

James Berkes
Mary E. Devitt ’82 ’02

Sister Dorothy Bock ’50
Sister Elaine Hirschenberger ’65
Greta Martin ’81

Carol Boulet
Ruth A. Boulet ’94

Rose Delahaut
Marilyn A. Marks ’65

Sister Austin Doherty ’54
William Boline
Gail Lamberty ’92

Maxine and Matthew Florek
Darlene Florek Ebeling ’71

John David Germanotta
Caroline and Ray Besasie

Sister Marie Gnader ’52
Diane Burscheid ’70
Kathleen Ferbos ’70
School Sisters of St. Francis - U.S. Province
Sarellen Schuh ’60

Cassondra Gresl ’11
Karen S. Drescher ’98

Virginia Hauch, our aunt
Linda and Michael Scheible

Carol Hibbard
Kathleen Mateicka ’80           

Kathleen M. Kies H’17
David Longanecker

Ila Jean Klaas ’44
Stephanie A. Chedid

John Klein
Sister Mary Diez ’67  
Sister Marlene Neises H ’99
Sister Kathleen O’Brien ’67
Sister Judeen Schulte ’71     

Christine Przybyla Long ’53
Barbara Auerbach
Jerome Long
Joan O'Malley ’55

Sister Regina Maibusch ’50
Dr. Vivien De Back ’54

Betty Maranan ’53
Ann and Dan Baker
Cathi Bartling
Jan and John Carroll
Mary Lou Ditore
Tim Duckett
John Dunn
Ester V. Eimeren
Sandra Engel
Lisa Fernandez
Mary Gauss
Wendy and Bob Goldman
Heidi Harrmann
Susan and Tom Hickey
Jerome Hierseman
Maureen Hilbert
Jean M. ’11 and Robert Hoffmann
Barbara Jermyn
Sandra Johnson
Yvonne ’90 and Lawrence Kaminski
Daniel and Cecilia Kim
Dr. Kuang Kim
Alan Klucarich
Donna Korsi
Margaret Korsi
Kevin Lenci
Paula and Leah McClelland
Myron McCormack Jr.
Dawn Monroe
Bonnie Oh
Joan and James Oh
Janelle and Shane Peterson
Karen A. ’96 and Victor Plantinga
Jeanne and Gary Pokorny
Maggie Pray
Patti and Rod Schey
Julie Schuller
The Schulte Family
Patricia Sheehan
Christine A. ’90 and Peter Stefaniak
Bonnie L. Steindorf
Mary Stryjewski
Kathleen Trott

Patrick J. McGinnis & Charles E. Otto, my brothers
Mary Person ’84

Marcia Mentkowski
Andrew Deguire
Sister Mary Diez ’67
Sister Elizabeth Ann Heese ’61
Sister Marlene Neises H ’99
Sister Kathleen O'Brien ’67
Sister Judeen Schulte ’71
Rose E. Purpero Spang ’62
Beverly R. Weeden ’98

John Nicksic
Sister Mary Diez ’67
Sister Elizabeth Ann Heese ’61
Sister Marlene Neises H ’99
Sister Kathleen O'Brien ’67
Sister Judeen Schulte ’71

Gabriel J. Savaglio and Mary T. Klopstein
Catherine A. Savaglio ’93

Susan Stang
Sister Mary Diez ’67
Sister Elizabeth Ann Heese ’61
Sister Marlene Neises H ’99
Sister Kathleen O'Brien ’67
Sister Judeen Schulte ’71

Sister Iola Stecher ’42, for her 100th birthday
Diane M. Wagner ’65

Henry Tiedemann
Lucy J. Mercado ’95

Marcella H. Trakel
Mary Kay Pierce ’02 ’05

Irene Brenner Tretow ’58
Jean Tretow-Schmitz ’78

Sister Leona Truchan ’53
Gwen Drapela ’67

Joyce Wallskog ’77
Barbara Jean Haag-Heitman ’77

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