Credit for Prior Learning Program

Earn Credits in less time    
   Graduate Faster          
        Save Money
Alverno recognizes that some students already have the knowledge to pass some courses, which is why the college has a Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Program. Students who successfully complete CPL assessments earn credits without having to enroll in the course. 


The CPL Program allows students to earn credits for some prerequisite courses by completing standardized assessments. These assessments are FREE and typically take less than four hours to complete. Click the assessment links below for more details about the assessments as well as practice assessments. 

Communications Assessment

Communication Seminar I (CM 120)

Math-based Assessments

Quantitative Literacy in the Modern World (QL 122)

Mathematical Connections (QL 156) (eligibility required)

Science Assessments

Foundations of Chemistry (SC 119)

Foundations of Biology (SC 120)

Math Assessments

College Algebra (MT 123)

Trigonometry (MT 124)

The CPL Program gives students seeking CPL for other courses an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding by completing faculty-designed assessments that often require students to submit experiential essays or portfolios. Students must meet eligibility requirements. 

The fee for these assessments is $75 or $150 depending on the type of assessment students complete.

Experiential Knowledge CPL assessments

Students do not earn credits based solely on their experiences. Students must demonstrate that the knowledge they gained outside the classroom, e.g., professional or volunteer experience, has given them the knowledge to meet course outcomes.

Spanish Language CPL assessments

Students must major or minor in Bilingual Education, Global Studies, Spanish in the Professions, or Spanish Language and Cultures to be eligible to complete these assessments.