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Accelerate works with your busy life. Accelerate on your own schedule. Move through the program at your pace.
  • You don’t need to pay again for work you’ve already done. Accelerate accepts your past credits from accredited institutions.
  • At $425 a credit, Accelerate is an affordable approach to earning your degree in three years or less.
  • Accelerate recognizes that your experiences and your work may have given you knowledge to earn some credits. Students who enroll at Alverno have the opportunity to earn credits through Alverno's Credit for Prior Learning program. 
Accelerate is unlike other traditional online programs -- no long lectures and tests. Accelerate applies your learning immediately to your experiences in your community and your work. 

This program is perfect for any person that wants to work while going to school. The program itself is incredibly affordable. Without the issue of financing, I am much better at just focusing on completing my classes. 

- Willow Baillies

ACCELERATE your professional skills

You may change your career five to seven times in your life. No matter the state of the economy or the job market, a bachelor’s degree opens doors to more professional advantages, job security and higher pay.
  • Whether you’re finishing your degree or starting it, Accelerate prepares you for success in the 21st-century workforce.
  • Accelerate is project-based and outcome-based.
  • Accelerate is organized around courses called Experiential Learning Modules (ELMs) to emphasize their experiential nature, and they ask you to engage with your communities more deeply. 

Want to know more about ACCELERATE’s outcomes and ELMs and see sample projects? Learn more.


ACCELERATE your leadership skills

The world needs ethical and creative leaders. Whether you run for Congress, lead a nonprofit, teach in the classroom, work in the arts or continue in your current workplace, develop your leadership abilities through Accelerate’s independent leadership initiative and bring positive change into the world.

Want to know more about ACCELERATE’s leadership initiative? Learn more.



Be in control of your own education. Make learning work for you.
  • Accelerate integrates your experiences and your work with new learning to create a program that focuses on you and your goals.
  • Accelerate gives you individualized instructor feedback, and you are supported by a full-time faculty coach to help you make the most of your Accelerate experience.

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