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Alverno Accelerate is an accelerated, affordable and flexible pathway to earning a bachelor's degree in three or fewer years from an institution that pioneered adult learning more than 40 years ago. Open to women and men, Alverno Accelerate is 100% online and designed for working adults who have no, some or many college credits.

Especially right now, you have the opportunity to refocus or change your career path, all while progressing at your own pace and enjoying the support of expert faculty who will be committed partners in your success. Apply now.

How it works:
  • Open to women and men
  • 100% online, 120-credit program
  • Transfer-friendly – all previously earned college credits transfer into this program, regardless of subject matter
  • Based on total credits, placement is at one of three program levels: Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced
  • Each level is 40 credits
  • Learning activities and projects are applicable to career goals
  • All work is done with a faculty coach and core group of fellow students
  • Six program starts per year
Key outcomes:
  • Understand programs and lead groups to address them
  • Use knowledge, frameworks and theories to interpret the world
  • Professionally and creatively use various modes of communication
  • Engage and appreciate diverse identities, perspectives and ways of being
  • Develop as a moral agent in the world
Level Maps

Each program level is structured using Experiential Learning Modules (ELMs) that ensure your progress and the development of your skills. Each level begins with a core module, called an introductory ELM, that will help prepare you for the work ahead. You will work closely with your faculty coach at each step.

Beginning Level

Introductory ELM: Community-Based Learning (4 credits):

  • The Goals and Values of a Liberal Education
  • What is Community?

Mindfulness ELM (4 credits):

  • Mindfulness in Community
  • Mindfulness in Community: Practice and Tools

Discipline ELM electives (choose 7, each is 4 credits):

  • Who Owns the Past? Memory, History and the Public Space
  • Introduction to Health Humanities
  • Exploring the Criminal Justice System through Literary Analysis
  • The Philosophy of Food
  • Religious Pluralism
  • Dance, Movement and Culture
  • History in Place: The Natural and Built Environment
  • Gender Representation in Media and Performance Art
  • The Chemical Legacy of WWI
  • Spirituality
  • Indigenous Past as Prologue: Origin Stories and Defining Myths of the American Experience

Beginning Level Capstone ELM (4 credits)

Intermediate Level
  • Introductory ELM (4 credits)
  • Research ELM (4 credits)
  • Organizational Analysis ELM (4 credits)
  • Project Management ELM (4 credits)
  • Professional Communication ELM (4 credits)
  • Diversity and Equity ELM (4 credits)
  • Mindful and Moral Leadership (4 credits)
  • Individual Work in Organization of Choice (8 credits)
  • Intermediate Level Capstone ELM (4 credits)
Advanced Level

The Advanced level focuses on a capstone project. After completing an introductory ELM, you will create and lead a capstone initiative with four steps: Issue, Proposal, Implementation, and Analysis and Communication.

You will then put together your final portfolio, which will include:

  • An overview of your personal, intellectual, and professional development and skills
  • Professional pieces: Letter of application to a dream job, a missions statement, SMART goals
  • Extras: Public communication done as part of your capstone initiative

Apply now. Or, for more information, contact Patricia Lewis, Ph.D., at 414-382-6234 or

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