Education – K to Ninth Grade

As an elementary or middle school teacher, you’ll nurture students’ minds and spirits during their formative years. You’ll challenge yourself to find new ways to reach all students and ignite their love of learning. It’s fun, meaningful work that allows you to make a lasting impact on young people’s lives. As an Alverno education major, you’ll learn how to nurture kids’ intellectual and social-emotional growth and foster essential life skills.

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In the classroom

You’ll thrive in our small classes led by dedicated faculty mentors who have deep experience as current or former K-9 classroom teachers. You’ll explore how you learn best, plus learn how to lead and engage a classroom of students with different learning styles.

Our emphasis on real-world skills and insightful, personalized feedback will enable your personal growth. Not only will you reach your full potential — you’ll learn how to help your own students do the same.

Beyond the classroom

You’ll get hands-on experience in real elementary and middle school classrooms early and often, ensuring you’re ready to step up to the front of the classroom with confidence.

Alverno is connected to more than 150 private and public schools throughout metro Milwaukee and beyond. Field experiences combine observation and teaching experience, building so that you’re teaching more and more as you progress through the program. You’ll clock more than 250 hours of classroom practice through your field experiences, which will prepare you for the culmination of your major: full-time student teaching.

Looking to connect with fellow aspiring educators? Join the Alverno chapter of Student WEA (Wisconsin Education Association) to practice your leadership skills and get involved in the field.

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Valencia, K-9 Education Major

Alverno gives education majors a lot of hands-on experience through field placements and student teaching. We also learn about best practices and explore the different pedagogies. I was awarded a research scholarship after my first semester, and after graduation, I was accepted into a competitive educational psychology research program at the University of Wisconsin.

Education + The Alverno Difference

There’s no better place to study education — Alverno has won numerous national awards for its innovative practices, outstanding teaching and high classroom engagement. Educators from around the world visit Alverno’s campus to study our curriculum and groundbreaking approach to learning and assessment. You’ll learn how to bring this effective approach to your own classroom.

Instead of letter grades, we focus on your personal development and real-world skills — equipping you with the crucial communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need to thrive. Our learning approach is centered around the 8 Abilities, which will set you apart from the crowd.

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Licensure Options & Minors

After you graduate, you’ll be eligible for a Wisconsin license to teach kindergarten through 9th grade — expanding your career options and making you more marketable to school districts looking for flexibility. If you opt for a minor in special education, bilingual/bicultural (requires assessment fluency), and/or teaching English language learners, you’ll be eligible for those additional licenses.

New – Special Education Scholarship Opportunity

Alverno’s Developing Diversity in Exceptional Educator Preparation (DDEEP) program provides 24 scholarships per academic year to racially, ethnically, linguistically and ability diverse students who wish to serve as a special education teacher.

Students must meet eligibility requirements and commit to serve as a special education teacher for at least two years for every year the scholarship is received.