Continuing Music Therapy Education

The Master of Music Therapy Program (MMT) at Alverno College is excited to offer continuing education programs to meet the diverse needs of our profession: focused learning and specialization through digital badges and individual professional development courses.

Digital Badges of Advanced Study

Alverno is known for innovation and teaching. The MMT Program exemplifies this through personalized assignments and unique and relevant course offerings. Earn a Digital Badge of Advanced Study in specialized content areas by completing 4-5 graduate credits in two consecutive related courses.

Board-certified music therapists will earn graduate credit and do not need to apply or be accepted to the graduate program to earn a certificate. These credits will transfer in should you choose to apply for the full degree.


Music Therapy Entrepreneurship

  • MMT 668 MT Business: Development & Best Practices (2 cr)
  • MMT 670 Topics: Grant Writing (2 cr)

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Music Therapy Leadership

  • MMT 660 Advocacy in Music Therapy (2 cr)
  • MMT 662 Leadership in Music Therapy (2 cr)

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Advanced MT Clinical Practice

  • MMT 630 Counseling Skills for Music Therapists (3 cr) or MMT 610 Advanced Music Therapy Theory I (3 cr)
  • MMT 632 Advanced Clinical Practice in Music Therapy (2 cr)

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Music and Neuroscience

  • MMT 614 Music and Neuroscience (3 cr)
  • MMT 662 Leadership in Music Therapy (2 cr)

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Professional Development Courses

All MT-BCs and graduate equivalency students (with permission of instructor) are eligible for any individual course in the MMT program. You will earn graduate credits without obligation to take any other courses. The non-degree student application is here.

Summer Workshop

An SEL-embedded Orff Approach to Music Ed/Therapy
June 8 – 9, 2024

Social emotional learning (SEL) has become a valuable resource in music education. New research demonstrates that when applied specifically to the Orff approach, it creates incredible results in student musical growth and SEL skills. This workshop provides the history and philosophy of both SEL and the Orff approach with SEL, along with the presentation of data findings and an understanding as to why they fit so organically together within the music classroom. Participants will engage in both Orff lessons, as well as explore and create SEL strategies, then strategically implement SEL strategies into both previously created Orff lessons, as well as newly created SEL-embedded Orff lessons. Music therapists will have opportunities to discuss and adapt these ideas and plans for their own application.