It is the responsibility of all library patrons to familiarize themselves with the Alverno College Library's policies. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the librarian on duty at (414)382-6062.

Circulation Policy Guest Policy InterLibrary Loan Policy
Textbook Collection

Circulation Policy

Loan Periods  Renewals  Charges  Requests/Holds/Recalls

Students are expected to present their Student ID with Library barcode each time they check out library materials, including Reserve materials.

Borrowers are responsible for all materials checked out with their barcode.

Charges of $50.00 or more will block a patron from borrowing any items from Alverno or the other SWITCH libraries until that amount is paid in full.

Bills for overdue or damaged material will include the cost of the replacement or repair of the items.

Damaged items remain the property of the lending library.


Books and government documents and music scores

Videorecordings (DVD or VHS), audiocassettes, kits, maps, slides, realia, and portraits.

Compact discs.

Magazines and newspapers.

LOAN PERIODS for Course RESERVE MATERIALS vary according to the instructor's designation:
2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 28 days

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  • Materials from the general collection that have not been requested by another patron may be renewed.
  • There is a limit of two renewals per item.
  • General circulating items may be renewed in person, by phone, or via TOPCAT. Renewal requests may not be made by voice mail.
  • Self-renewal is available on-campus or off-campus via TOPCAT.
  • Renewals of reserve material are not possible. However, your time can be extended if the material is not in demand. Material must be brought to the Library Help Desk for consideration of any extension on reserve materials.

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General Circulation Materials
(includes videorecordings)
$50.00 fee for each lost
or damaged item
Laptops $1.00 per hour overdue

Reserve items:

2 hour and 4 hour reserves: $1.00 per hour overdue
Overnight reserves: $ .50 per hour overdue
24 hour reserves: $ .50 per hour overdue
3 day and 7 day reserves: $2.00 per day overdue

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  • Borrowers may request holds on items from Alverno's general collection that are currently checked out. Ask for assistance at the Library Help Desk.
  • When materials are returned to the library, the requestor is notified.
  • Requested items are kept at the Library Help Desk awaiting pickup for one week.
  • If needed by another patron, items checked out to patrons are recalled when the initial loan period is over.
  • Only materials needed by faculty/staff for Course Reserves are recallable before the loan period is over.
  • There is a limit of ten requests per patron at any given time.
  • Holds may not be placed on Reserve items.

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Guest Policy

Library staff will register guests on forms in our Guest Log book – either the wireless log or the Guest Log-in Log for the desktop computers. Staff ask each guest for his or her name and note the date, etc.

The Guest Access form is now available in the binder at the Reference Desk. Guests age 18 or older will be asked to sign a Guest Access Policy form each fiscal year.

Children of Alverno students, faculty and staff are only allowed in the Library with the supervision of an Alverno parent or guardian. Children (pre-school through high school) may use computers when computers are available. The adult must be seated next to the child at all times. If a child becomes loud or disturbs others, the adult and child will be asked to leave. The parent or guardian is responsible for the safety and well-being of the child.

Spouses, friends, or relatives of Alverno students, faculty, or staff may use computers only with special permission from the library director on a short-term basis and when computers are available. Library patrons may be required to provide valid Alverno identification to obtain access to a computer (Alverno ID or Telesis registration).

If a guest becomes loud or disturbs others he/she will be asked to leave.

NOTE: Parents with children who need guest access do not need to sign a copy of the Guest Access Policy if they are currently enrolled as Alverno students. However staff need to continue to sign in children in the appropriate logbook with date, time, computer number, etc. in addition to “Child of [Jane Doe]”.

Courtesy Cards

As of July 1, 2013 all guests wishing to use the library's wifi must have an Alverno College Courtesy Card. Courtesy cards require:

  • valid name and ID
  • valid e-mail address
  • $35 annual fee ($10 for alumns after the 1st year after graduation)

Alumns have free access to the library's resources for 1 year after graduation. After 1 year, they will need a Courtesy Card to access library resources - including SWITCH resources - and are required to pay a reduced annual fee of $10.

The courtesy card does not grant access to databases the library subscribes to while OFF CAMPUS. In order to access these databases, a courtesy card holder must be ON CAMPUS.

The following groups do not have to have a courtesy card from the library to qualify for guest access: SWITCH students, attendees of Alverno sponsored conference or events (e.g. Telesis), Alums (for the 1st year after graduation), all teachers, and retired faculty and staff.

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InterLibrary Loan Policy (ILL)

What? Who? How?
Info Needed? Request Info? Cost?
Time? Pick Up? Returns?


The purpose of Interlibrary Loan is to provide access for our patrons to materials not found in the Alverno Library, and as a resource for materials from our collection to all eligible requesting libraries. Interlibrary Loan is considered an adjunct to, not a substitute for, the Alverno collection. Only materials not included in the Alverno Library and the other SWITCH libraries (Cardinal Stritch, Concordia, MIAD, Mount Mary, Sacred Heart, Saint Francis Seminary, and Wisconsin Lutheran) may be requested. An exception is made if the Alverno Library and/or SWITCH item is determined lost, missing, or checked out.

A loan or copy of any kind of library material may be requested on Interlibrary Loan as long as it is in accordance with the policy of the lending institution.

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Students, faculty/staff, alumnae and courtesy card holders are eligible for borrowing privileges from Interlibrary Loan services.

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An Interlibrary Loan request may be submitted one of two ways:

Online Request - An Alverno patron may request an item through the Alverno InterLibrary Loan Online Request Form which can be found using the the Article Request or Book Request links on the InterLibrary Loan page of the Library website.

WorldCat Resource Sharing Request - An Alverno patron can make a direct request from this site by connecting through the WorldCat database which can be found using the Databases A-Z link on the Alverno Library home page.

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Info Needed?

A request made through Alverno must include the patron's Alverno library barcode number. Other important information that is needed is the patron's daytime and evening telephone number, their email address, their present status as a faculty or staff member, a student as an undergraduate or graduate, or as a community member listed as an alumnae or community patron. Faculty and staff patrons must indicate their department of employment.

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Request Info?

When requesting items, it is important to include as much information as you can find regarding the item. It is also important to enter the information correctly with no spelling errors. The following information is needed:

Books - Complete title, ISBN number, author, publisher, and copyright date.

Articles - Complete title of the article, complete journal title, ISSN number of the journal, date of the journal, volume of the journal, issue number of the journal, and the page numbers of the article. A copy of the bibliographic citation source from a computer search is also helpful.

DVD or VHS - Please indicate the format in additional information

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Materials requested by Alverno patrons will be obtained at no charge to the patron except for special requests.

Articles - Articles are free to all Alverno patrons. Online articles will be forwarded to the patron via email.

Special Requests - The patron may also be asked to pay for special requests such as a service for a RUSH request or for a special item that would cost our library more than the standard cost. These additional costs would be discussed with the patron before the request was made.

Dissertations - If a dissertation is needed for Alverno-related research and the item cannot be borrowed from a lending institution, an available microfiche copy will be purchased at no cost to the patron. The copy wll remain the property of Alverno after the patron's use. If the patron wishes to keep the dissertation, the patron will be assessed the cost of the item.

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We like to say, "Plan ahead!" Time needed for loan or photocopy transactions may take up to 7-10 days. Most in-state and nearby-state requests arrive well before the 7-10 days.

Loan periods are determined and set by the lending institution. Renewals are usually granted but not for more than one time.

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Pick Up?

Notice of material arrival is made by means of a telephone call or by email and can be picked up at the Circulation Desk. Articles must be paid for at pickup.

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Materials on loan will always indicate the DUE DATE of the item. Returns should be made at the Circulation Desk. Requests to renew the item should be placed with the Interlibrary Loan office before the due date. Overdue materials are subject to the lending institution's fine policy and the costs will be passed on to the patron.

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Textbook Collection

The library has created an open reserve collection for the textbooks that we carry to make them easier for students to find and use. We do not have copies of textbooks for every class. Textbooks will have different checkout periods depending on the nature of the book and how many copies we have. Each book is labeled with the checkout period.

Fines will not be forgiven. If a student returns a book late, they must pay the fine. This is to ensure that books are returned on time so that the highest number of students have access to them. The fines are below:
4 hour book - $1.00/hour
3 day book - $2.00/day
7 day book - $2.00/day

This collection is updated each semester to hold only the books being used in current course offerings. To view a list of the textbooks currently held in this collection, check here in TOPCAT.

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