Request to Order

Use the following instructions to complete the Library Online Request to Order Form.
Note that the form is for use by Alverno faculty and staff only.

    1. Sign In
      When you click the "Online Request To Order Form " link, a prompt which asks for a "User Name:" and "Password:" will appear. Type the user name (normally your last name plus first and middle initials) and password that you use to sign in to the Alverno network, then click OK.
    2. Required Items
      Enter information about the material you wish to order into the form. Any item with an astrisk (*) next to it is required and must be filled in. If you submit the order form without filling in the required items, a warning message will display. To continue, click OK and enter the required information into the form before resubmitting.
      Use the Comments field to enter any additional information about the order (for example, if the request is a "rush" order). Also include a note in the Comments field for multiple requestors or material to be attached to a request as indicated below.
    4. Multiple Requestors
      If there is more than one requestor for the material to be ordered, please include the additional name(s) in the Comments field so that any additional requestors can be notified by email when the material is available.
    5. Email Notification
      When material ordered is available in the library, notification is sent via email. The requestor's email address is obtained automatically for the person who has signed in to make a request using the online form. Only that person will be notified unless additional names are provided in the Comments field.
    6. Attachments
      If you wish to attach a review or any other material to your request, please include a note in the Comments field indicating that there is additional material for the order. Attach the material to a printed copy of your request (see below) and place it in Diane Klajbor's mail drawer.
    7. Printing Requests
      After you have clicked the "Submit" button to make your request, a printable page with your order information is displayed. Please print the page for your records.
    8. Another Request or Exit
      If you wish to make another request, click the "Additional Request" button to return to the Online Request To Order Form. If you have no other requests to submit, click the "Library Home Page" button to go to the Library Home page.

Contact Debra Butz at x6175 or by email with any questions.