Girls' Academy

Girls' Academy
of Science and Mathematics


Alverno's Girls' Academy is a free, online after-school program for high school junior and senior girls who want to learn science and math through real-world applications.

The Girls’ Academy is designed to prepare students for success in college by building stronger skills, greater confidence and an improved understanding of applying, affording and thriving in a college environment.

Increase your knowledge and skills in science and math using a learning approach specifically designed for girls and women in the sciences.

2023-24 Program Details

Fridays from late October 2023 through May 2024 from 4-7 p.m.

Online through Zoom. The program will be online this year except for a few in-person dates that are optional.

Apply science and math to learn about beauty/cosmetics or your favorite foods by working with college professors in a real science lab. Students will also be eligible for the Girls’ Academy Scholarship at Alverno College.

Juniors (first-year students) will look at the structures and properties of common substances used in the beauty industry, and their effect on the environment and health. You will develop and test your own lotions, soaps, and fragrances. Materials will be handed out as project boxes.

Seniors (second-year students) will investigate what makes your favorite foods look, taste and smell so good. Students will use their taste buds as well as scientific equipment to test foods prepared in different ways. Students will then create their own recipes based on chemical principals that make cooking creative and fun. Materials will be handed out as project boxes.

Girls' Academy Scholarship

Through successful and active participation in the Girls’ Academy at Alverno College, you will be eligible for an Alverno Academy Scholarship. Students will receive a $4,000 scholarship at time of acceptance into Alverno College. Students will have the opportunity to earn up to an $8,000 scholarship at the recommendation of faculty, based on the criteria listed below. That means Alverno will be contributing an additional $16,000-$32,000 in scholarship over your four years of college! The scholarship can be used towards an undergraduate degree pursued at Alverno.

The following criteria must be fulfilled to be considered for an Alverno Academy Scholarship:

  • Participate in one year of the Girls’ Academy. You will be eligible for the scholarship if you attend for your junior year or senior year. Participation in both years is not a requirement but does make your application more competitive.
  • Maintain excellent attendance and participation. Excellent attendance is defined as missing no more than three academy classes (and/or Zoom sessions/participation projects when online) if you are a junior, and no more than four classes (and/or Zoom sessions/participation projects when online) if you are a senior.
  • Complete all assessments required by the Girls’ Academy including the pre-, mid-, and post-program ACT exams (juniors only), the pre- and post-program problem solving assessment (juniors and seniors) and post-program evaluation (juniors and seniors).
  • Receive a written recommendation from the Girls’ Academy of Science and Mathematics. The recommendation can come from any of the instructors or the Girls’ Academy Coordinator.
  • Apply to and be accepted into Alverno College as an undergraduate student. This requires you to meet all normal admissions requirements established by Alverno College. Additional information and specific admissions requirements can be found here or by contacting the Alverno College Admissions department.

Funding and Other Support

The Girls’ Academy of Science and Mathematics has received over $800,000 in funds and future pledges since its start in 2011 for supporting our mission of advancing the education of girls. Below is a list of our external funders and the years in which they provided support. We are so grateful to these organizations for making the Girls’ Academy a reality.

  • The Greater Milwaukee Foundation 2011-2012
  • The Great Lakes Foundation 2013-2015
  • The Zonta Club of Milwaukee 2014-2015, 2017-2018, 2018-2019
  • Johnson Controls Inc. 2016-2020
  • The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction 2015-2021
  • The Pentair Foundation 2017-2018
  • Rockwell Automation 2017-2020
  • Evinrude Foundation 2018-2019
  • Forest County Potawatomi Foundation 2018-2019

Many departments and individuals provide support for the Girls’ Academy of Science & Mathematics through helping organize services and events for the program. Below is a short list of some of those who have provided so much help enabling us to successfully run the Academy:

  • Aladdin Food Service - Catering events and weekly dinners
  • Alverno Technology Services - Access to Moodle and email accounts
  • Alverno Admissions Department - Workshops on how to choose a college
  • Alverno Financial Aid Department - Workshops on how to apply for financial aid
  • First Student Inc. - Transportation for the high school students
  • Alverno Marketing - Creating flyers for the Academy
  • Alverno Career Services - Workshop on career choice
  • Alverno College Advancement Department - Obtains all funding for the program