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Bestowing of the Kente & Latinas Con Fuerza

Bestowing of the Kente & Latinas Con Fuerza

Date: December 8, 2019
Time and Location:
 Latinas con Fuerza 2:00-3:30 PM    LaVerna Commons
 Bestowing of the Kente 4:30-6:00 PM  Bucyrus Conference Center

The Bestowing of the Kente and Latinas con Fuerza ceremonies are culturally grounded Rites of Passage in which we honor our graduates and their African and/or Latina heritage.  The ceremonies also provide an opportunity for graduates to recognize and express deep gratitude to those family, friends and loved ones supported their collegiate journey.  Graduates who participate will have a Kente or Sarape stole bestowed on her/him as part of the ceremony as a special message of thanks is read aloud. 

Graduating students who would like to participate in this beautiful ritual are invited to complete a brief application and identify one specific person who will assist with the stole bestowing.  Please also order the ethnic stole(s) of your choosing by contacting the IIC before October 31, 2019.  Family, friends and loved ones are welcome.  No ticket is necessary for this event, and a reception will immediately follow. 

Complete the application:

Bestowing of the Kente

Latinas con Fuerza  

Order your Kente or Sarape stole before October 31, 2019. Please contact the IIC if you have questions regarding the Kente or Sarape stole.

Please contact Adekola Adedapo in the International Intercultural Center if you have questions.  She can be reached by visiting FO 111, calling 414-382-6022 or emailing We hope you will join us!
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