Peer Advising Program

Academic Advising - Peer Advising Program

“We May Be a Step Ahead, But We Want to Walk With You!” ‌‌

The Peer Advising Connection

The Alverno College Peer Advising Program has helped new weekday students build their connection with the Alverno Community since 1978. Peer Advisors are experienced weekday students who volunteer their time to mentor and assist new incoming weekday students during their first semester on campus. Peer Advisors enhance and strengthen the connection that new students develop by:

  • Being supportive and understanding
  • Relating to the anxieties that many new students feel
  • Encouraging new students to seek assistance, especially if they are experiencing academic difficulties or personal hardship
  • Motivating new students, especially during stressful times of the semester
  • Teaching new students about Alverno’s curriculum from a student’s perspective
  • Being an active and caring listener

Peer Advisor Responsibilities

Each Peer Advisor is assigned to work with 14-18 new first-semester students.  Specific responsibilities and activities include:

  • Sending welcome letters to new students prior to the start of the semester
  • Leading a small group discussion and activity with advisees during Orientation
  • Contacting advisees 2-3 times per month throughout the semester
  • Meeting with advisees at on-campus events whenever possible
  • Maintaining knowledge and awareness of relevant academic and co-curricular information and resources
  • Attending all required Peer Advising training sessions and maintaining good communication with the Peer Advising Coordinators

What does it take to be a Peer Advisor?

In order to be considered for the Peer Advising program you must:

  • Be a current weekday college student in good academic standing
  • Have completed a minimum of 2 semesters at Alverno College by the time you serve
  • Be highly responsible and self-directed
  • Be friendly, outgoing and willing to help others
  • Be dedicated to Alverno College and knowledgeable about the curriculum
  • Be able to relate to the concerns of new students and assist them to adjust to the Alverno environment

Peer Advising Application

Peer advisors are selected and trained in the spring semester for services in the following school year. Peer Advising applications are accepted in February and March.  To access the peer advising application, click the below link:


Once your application has been submitted, please contact Advising at 414-382-6029 or stop in FO-121 to schedule a 30 minute interview with one of the peer advising coordinators.