Advising FAQs

General Questions

Where can I find the academic calendar to plan for breaks, assessments, etc?

  • It is posted on the Registrar’s Office webpage each semester. Check out the Registrar’s Office webpage for details.

Is there a way to earn Credit for Prior Learning?

  • Possibly.  Each individual department sets their criteria and processes.  You can consult with your advisor about how to explore this further.

How do I connect with my Advisor?

  • You can call, email or set up an appointment with your Advisor. You can set up an appointment by calling the Advising Office at 414.382.6029

Where can I get extra assistance for one of my courses?

  • Alverno offers Resource Centers for Communication, Math and Science, multiple study groups and one on one tutoring.  Check out the Instructional Services webpage for details

What is academic probation?

  • A detailed description of academic probation and the other academic statuses can be found in the student handbook.

When do I get a faculty advisor?

  • Typically weekday student’s transition to a faculty advisor after being at Alverno from 1-4 semesters.  Please contact your advisor for more details.

Course Selection/Registration

What is a prerequisite?

  • A prerequisite is a course or validation that must be completed prior to taking the subsequent course.  For example, FA 110 or LA 230, HUM 150 and CM 125 is a prerequisite for PL 210 (which is a HFA-210 course offered for students).  Therefore FA 110 or LA 230, HUM 150 and CM 125 must be successfully completed before you can take PL 210.  You can look up prerequisites using IOL.

Where can I find summer courses?

  • Summer courses are posted in IOL in March.  However, a tentative list of what will be offered in summer is available on the Registrar’s webpage in October Check out the Registrar’s Office webpage for details.

Can I get assistance with registering for classes?       

  • Yes, the Advising Office Staff is happy to assist you.  Please call 414.382.6029 or stop in to schedule an appointment.

What if the class I want to take is full?

  • You can place yourself on a waiting list, however that is not a guarantee you will get into the class.  We encourage you to try to find another section of the class that has availability and adjust your other courses appropriately.  If you are on a waiting list, you can monitor your waitlist status through IOL.  Also, you may contact an Advisor in the Advising Office to discuss options.

How many credits must I take to be considered a full time student?

Can I take a class at another institution?

  • Maybe. You must submit a Permit to Take Course Elsewhere form which will be routed to faculty for approval. Your Advisor can help with this process. If approved, you are assured that the course is equivalent and that Alverno will accept the credits.  You must have approval through the Permit process prior to registering at another institution.

How do I know if I have a hold/restriction on my account that will prevent me from registering?

  • You can view your holds/restrictions in IOL on the student information screen.  There will be a link alerting you to which office you need to contact regarding your hold.  Watch the dates carefully as some of your holds may not go into effect until the future.

Why can’t I register for classes through IOL?

  • Students are assigned a registration time by the Registrar’s Office.  You cannot register until your specific day and time. You are able to view your date/time in IOL.
  • You cannot register if you have a registration restriction.  You can view your restrictions on the Student Information page of IOL

Dropping Courses

How do I drop a class?

  • Students can add or drop classes using IOL.
  • If you are trying to drop all of your classes, you must contact the Advising Office 414.382.6029.
  • If you are trying to drop classes after the semester has started, you must do so in writing through the Registrar’s or Advising Office.
  • If this is your first semester, you must work with your Academic Advisor to drop a course.

Is there a deadline to drop classes?

  • Yes, it is posted on Academic Calendarwhich is on the Registrar’s Office webpage each semester.
    • Please Note: There can be Financial implications when dropping courses. Please visit the Student Accounts page on Dropping.


Where do I find electives for my major/minor?

Where do I find the HFA 210 and 310 classes?

Where can I find the ‘GEC 300 Series’ classes?

Grad Planning (Long Term Planning)

What is a GRAD Plan?

  • A GRAD plan is an individualized plan that you create that details all of your graduation requirements (classes and assessments) in a semester by semester format.  It allows you to set a realistic graduation date.  You can set up an appointment with your Advisor to get assistance with creating your GRAD plan. You can call the Advising Office at 414.382.6029 to set up an appointment with your Advisor.

What is my graduation date?

  • You can view your graduation date in IOL under Student Information.  You must update your graduation date in IOL (under the User Account section).  We encourage you to work with your Advisor to create a GRAD Plan. 

Where can I find the GRAD plan form?

  • You can visit the advising office and grab the GRAD plan form or you can click the link and download it yourself.                     Fillable Graduation Planning Form

Majors and Minors

How do I change my major/minor?

  • You must complete a Change of Major/Minor form which is located in the Registrar’s or Advising Offices.  You are encouraged to meet with your Advisor and you must have your Advisor’s signature prior to submitting the form.

What is a support/minor?

  • A support/minor is your secondary area of study which you choose to support, enhance, or balance the work you do in your major.

Where do I find information about the different majors and minors offered at Alverno?

  • The College Bulletin includes detailed descriptions including required courses for each major and minor.


What's a validation?

  • A validation is a successful demonstration of one of the eight abilities. Validations are earned at multiple levels and documented on the student’s Validation Report in IOL.

How do I view my completed ability validations?

  • You can access your validation report through IOL.

Where do I find the list of classes that offer a specific ability validation?

How do I read my Validation Report?

  • Students earn validations in each ability as they successfully complete coursework. An asterisk (*) will appear as the levels of each ability are achieved. The courses earning the validations are listed below each level. Contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.