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Academic Advising

Office Information

The Academic Advising Office is located in FO 121 and is staffed by  five full-time Advisors, two Promise Scholar Advisors, two Administrative Assistants and a Student employee. Academic Advisors work with new Weekday College undegraduate students for the first two to four semesters and advise all students in the and the Adult Evening & Online Programs.

Academic Advisors work with all students so that they understand the curriculum and reinforce practice of the eight abilities. Advisors are available to see students by individual appointment, through group-advising sessions and by phone or e-mail contact. In addition to individual student advising, the staff also:

Regular Advising Office Hours:*

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

*For Evening and Weekend Appointments, please call your advisor to schedule an appointment.

Contact the Advising Office by phone at (414) 382-6029 or e-mail


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Advising Period:
March 11- April 10

Advising Info for Fall, 2016
All students are STRONGLY encouraged to meet with their advisor to discuss their registration plans prior to or during the Advising Period (i.e. well in advance of your registration time/date). Using your Academic Evaluation, you should have or create a long term plan which accounts for all of your remaining courses/validations and you should be regularly reviewing it with your advisor. This includes updating your graduation date by going to IOL and updating your Student Information. Please read all communication from your advisor and major department related to the upcoming registration period. Each department handles advising differently. If you have any questions, contact your advisor.
During Your Academic Career You Will be Required to Meet With Your Advisor at Certain Times
Two of those times are listed below:

1. Students moving to a faculty advisor are required to meet with their new advisor prior to registration.

2. Students signing up for an internship are required to meet with their advisor prior to registration.

Also, students on academic status are generally required to meet with their academic advisor. Please check IOL-Student Information from the Students menu to determine if you must meet with your advisor during the Advising Period.
In addition, students who need to discuss a General Permit Form, Permit to Take a Course Elsewhere, Independent Study Form, or a change of Major/Support Form, should also meet with their advisor to complete this information prior to registration.
Certain Advising Restrictions Will Prevent Students from Registering

Please be sure that you are checking your restrictions by reviewing your student information in IOL. Any of the following advising restrictions will need to be ended before you will be able to enter your registration:

  • #22-Academic Status Concerns-contact 382-6029, Academic Advising Office
  • #25-Meeting with Advisor required for registration-contact your Advisor

If you have a #25 restriction, please be sure to meet with your advisor (during the Advising Period) prior to your registration start date and time. Follow up after your meeting with your advisor by checking your student information in IOL to be sure the #25 restriction has been ended.
Online registration can be completed anywhere you have internet access or if you need assistance with registration entry, you may contact the Registrar's Office.