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You Will

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You Can – And You Will

As the first in your family to go to college, you’ve worked hard to pursue your dreams. Going to college means you’re taking a big step toward growing as a person and meeting your professional goals.

That said, you may have questions along the way. How do you apply for college? When do you apply? How can you fund your education? We can help. At Alverno, there’s no application deadline and it’s free to apply. Plus, nearly all of our students receive scholarships and grants. We’re committed to helping you find the best financial options for you and your family.

Everyone at Alverno College is immensely proud of all that you’ve achieved so far, and we are here to support you as you continue on this new and exciting journey.

As you keep going, know that you can achieve great things – and you will.


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Alverno offers a number of resources to
support your success, including:

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Morgan’s Story

Alverno Student, Morgan

“Don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you are willing to reach out, you are going to make a connection.”

Morgan’s parents always stressed that education is what was going to get her ahead in life. She loved learning but wasn’t sure she’d be able to go to college. At Alverno, she discovered a network of faculty, staff and students who helped her navigate college and explore her career options. She thrived, winning a competitive internship during her senior year and graduating with honors. Read more of Morgan’s story here.

Jacqueline’s Story

Alverno student, Jacqueline

“Everybody here is supportive. I love being able to meet other first-generation students at campus events.”

You never know where your education may take you. Just ask Jacqueline. A literature class gave her the opportunity to volunteer, conduct research, present her research at a professional conference and discover her professional calling. Along the way, she has enjoyed building strong relationships across a welcoming campus. Jacqueline now plans on earning her master’s degree and becoming a licensed counselor. Read more of her story here.


Gabrielle’s Story

Alverno student, Dominique

“My education is really important to me.”

Gabrielle could have decided to leave college behind in favor of a lucrative career in the trades. She started her own electrical company and led a team of electricians working on the Milwaukee Bucks’ brand new arena. But she gained so much from her Alverno education, from the empowerment to hold her head high in a male-dominated profession to the skills she needs to be a true leader. Read more of Gabrielle’s story here.


Pa’s Story

Alverno sudent, Amanda

“Scholarships have been very important to support my education. As a first-generation student, it has been a hard journey, but I have accomplished a lot.”

Pa has taken full advantage of her college education, from serving as vice president of Alverno Student Government to winning multiple internships. Like nearly all of Alverno students, scholarships are helping Pa fund her education and pursue her dreams. 

To learn how scholarships can help you, visit Alverno’s Financial Aid webpage.