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Hands-on learning for the real world

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  • Assessment and ongoing improvement

What makes our students
stand out?

Alverno grad Amy tells her story.

Alverno grad Amy tells her story
#1 in WI for DeDICATION TO TEACHING Ranked in US News Best Colleges



“In mastering the abilities, Alverno taught me the required mechanism that I can apply throughout my life to be successful.”

Jesse Harrison-Noonan ‘09, Psychology
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“I learned to be confident in what I know and how to put it into practice. As a result, I can problem solve on my feet, speak in front of others, and understand the importance of community service.”

Jennifer Streeter ‘12, Early Childhood Education
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“Having to reach a level of mastery in each of the 8 abilities, it makes you face your weaknesses, as well as develop your strong points. In that way, Alverno has been an enormous boost to me because I’m so much stronger in all of these vital areas.”

Emily Joy Sielen ‘09, Art Therapy
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“The business world, and especially the corporate world, is all about assessment. It is all about feedback, and coaching, and helping somebody understand how to improve. An advantage Alverno has is that it ingrains the power of assessment, the concepts of assessment, and the ability to really be comfortable with that from day one.”

Tina Chang, CEO at Syslogic

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“I don’t just get a B and never look at the assignment again – I get to revise what didn’t go well and expand on the things that were great. Here, you have to prove what you know, and realize that your best can always be better. I’m constantly learning and improving because of it.”

Aubrey Baker-Clark, Business & Management major
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Dedicated to your success

See what our faculty love about teaching at Alverno.

Alverno’s assessment-as-learning model means that students get extensive feedback about their work, with an ever-evolving discussion about what they did well and what they could do better.

Students are challenged to “know it” and “show it.” The results are amazing!