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Career Outcomes


The value of an
Alverno education

See what Milwaukee business leaders have to say about the value of an Alverno education.

  See what Milwaukee business leaders have to say about the value of an Alverno education

“Alverno graduates come in well-prepared to succeed in our environment (which is) very collaborative, teamwork- and process-oriented with a significant importance on communication. We find that Alverno graduates really do well in this environment, plus their teamwork and communication skills are quite advanced versus other college graduates because of the curriculum.”

Paul Purcell
CEO at Robert W. Baird

Learning for the real world

As part of our ability-based curriculum, students who graduate from Alverno leave with the essential skills most sought after by today’s employers.

Our alums say it best…

“I think the best thing that Alverno did for me was the constant feedback. It really motivates you to try, and it builds up confidence. As a nurse, I’m faced with unpredictable situations every day, and the choices I make have potential life or death consequences. Without confidence in yourself and your abilities, that can be daunting.”

Jennifer Hidalgo Hruz ’12 & ’16, FNP-BC, APNP, Acu-Med Integrative Medicine

“My Alverno education taught me to think analytically. Presenting and defending my research in class really prepared me for the real world. I learned how to think on my toes and deal with co-workers and customers.”

Elsa Janusiak ‘13, Corporate Quality Engineer at Grover Corporation and former Director of Quality Assurance and Operations at Black Bear Bottling