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LACE / LACCS Alum Events

Leadership Advancing Character and Culture in Schools sponsored by WCEP and Alverno College

LACE/LACCS Alum Events and Resources

Character education is an ever evolving process, as such LACCS seeks to provide it's alumni with opportunities and resources for professional development. This is done both by hosting events and by providing resources.

Free ongoing character education professional development for LACE/LACCS Alumni

For more information on these and other LACCS guest speakers, or to learn more about Leadership Advancing Character and Culture in Schools, our year-long professional development series for school leaders, call 414-382-6435. Or - Sign up to receive updates, invites to future professional development opportunities.


The following were previous guest speakers at LACE/LACCS Alum Events:

Roberto Rivera | From Surviving to Thriving: Activating SEL and Equity to Promote Youth Voice

Roberto Rivera LACCS Alumni eventResearch suggests that 65% of all primary students, and 50% of all secondary aged students will end up in a job that currently doesn’t exist yet. Further, with the changing demographics of public education quickly becoming more diverse, how do we ensure that all students have what they need to thrive in the 21st century?

In this presentation, Roberto shares some solutions to these questions focusing on the power of utilizing social and emotional learning and equity to ignite youth voice and spark social change. Roberto takes current research in the field and brings it to life with practical case studies from his work with districts and schools around the nation. Educators and education leaders will be empowered and equipped to be able to address the institutional and pedagogical obstacles with practical strategies that can lead to the thriving of all students.

 Want to learn more? Check out Roberto Rivera’s Ted Talk!

Trauma Sensitive Schools, Sara Daniel, MSW, LCSW

Sara Daniel Headshot

Sara the director of Clinical Services and Staff Development for SaintA, an agency that is leading the way in providing trauma informed care to children and families in Wisconsin. Since 1997, Sara has been collaborating with school districts to provide consultation and training in working with students affected by trauma, mental health issues or behavioral challenges. She oversees a continuum of services that provide for students, families and schools to support student success. She is currently a member of the Trauma Sensitive School Workgroup for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the co-author of the Trauma-Sensitive Schools Toolkit and Trauma-Sensitive Schools Learning Module Series. She has worked with countless school districts nationwide and trained over 12,000 school staff on the seven essential ingredients for the implementation of Trauma Sensitive Schools. Sara is also certified in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT™) and is the leader of the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Interface Master Trainer Project for the state of Wisconsin.

Ty Sells Creating Connections - Alumni EventNot just a speaker, Ty brings over twenty two years of experience in drug prevention and community services. He is a “product” of the Youth to Youth high school program, and spent years during and after college working directly with youth in its’ local program. Ty is known across the country for his charisma, humor, and leadership. He has developed a number of trainings, workshops, and presentations for both youth and adults to address the many complex issues that confront today’s young people. 

Susan Bauerfeld, Ph.D.
Susan Bauerfeld

Susan Bauerfeld, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Parenting Consultant/Coach and ADHD coach. To learn more, read Dr. Bauerfeld's complete biography.
Dr. Bauerfeld spoke on the topic: It starts with you. Mindfulness, modeling and conversation: a template for lifelong health in the digital world. A brief overview of the situation we all find ourselves in with media and digital devices. Presentation of suggestions for ways to think about our own media use and to have ongoing conversations with kids and others that promote mindful, regulated, balanced use of digital devices.

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