Summer 2012

Tuition and Fees for Weekday College Undergraduate Programs

Non-nursing cost per semester hour $899

Nursing cost per semester hour $1,030

Teacher Licensure cost per semester hour $613


Tuition and Fees for Alverno on the Weekend Undergraduate Programs

Cost per semester hour $634


Tuition and Fees for Alverno's Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Education, per credit $613

Master of Science in Nursing, per credit $780

Master of Business Administration, per credit $765

Master of Arts/Special Education, per credit $625

Special tuition scholarship of 50% on three credits each semester for licensed teachers enrolled in certain graduate programs ($306.50 per credit).

Course fees vary by course – See Class Information in IOL for course fees.


Summer Room Rates

Austin Hall Summer Double $977

Austin Hall Summer Single $1,674

Clare Hall Summer Single $1,799