Connecting Devices That Have No Browser

Media Streaming, Game Consoles and Smart Devices

Many wireless devices are designed for use on a home network.  They do not have the capability to use security protocols that most enterprise networks require.  Alverno wireless uses theWPA2-Enterprise protocol.  Devices like SmartTVs, gaming devices (PlayStation, Xbox), and streaming devices (FireStick, Chromecast, Roku) do not support WPA2-Enterprise and will not connect to AlvernoSTU.  We’ve created a special resident device network to support “home” devices called AlvernoSPR.  This network is only for resident “home” devices that will not connect to AlvernoSTU.  This network is available in the residence halls and is restricted to Internet access only.

To register your media streaming/gaming devices, etc.:

  1. Log into the Alverno Service Desk. Complete the Residence Hall AlvernoSPR Device Registration
    • Choose Network Services > Wireless > Register Special Res Device
    • Only register devices that are not capable of connecting to AlvernoSTU
    • All fields on the form are required
    • Device make, model and wireless MAC address are especially important
    • Only devices with registered MAC addresses and the wireless network password will be able to connect to this network
  2. Once the form is completed and the registration is setup, you will receive an email with the AlvernoSPR network password.
  3. You will need to configure the AlvernoSPR network on each registered device. The network will only be available on access points in Austin Hall and on the Clare Hall residence floors.  Select WPA2 security, not WPA2-Enterprise or 802.1x EAP.  Enter the AlvernoSPR password.
  4. Update the network password on each registered device when it is changed by Technology Services.
    • The AlvernoSPR password will be changed twice a year. Password will change on the 3rd Thursday in January and August.
    • Residents with active AlvernoSPR registered devices will receive an email with the new password and expiration date/time of the current password.
    • Once the current password expires, registered devices will not connect until the new password is configured on these devices.
  5. Returning residents can re-register their device(s) every August. You will have the opportunity to reply to an email by the Wednesday before the password change date to renew access.  Failure to reply by the deadline will result in having to re-request access by filling out a new Residence Hall AlvernoSPR Device Registration form.