Residence Hall

Residence Hall Network Connections

Students living in the residence halls may connect their own personal electronic device(s) to the Alverno network via wired Ethernet ports and/or wireless adapters.  In order to get connected, resident students will need to register their personal devices (wired and wireless).  Here’s how:

Ethernet Jack

  • For a wired connection, verify that your device has an Ethernet port or an Ethernet adapter that plugs into a USB port. You will also need an Ethernet patch cable.
  • Register your personal device on Alverno’s MyDevices Portal.
  • Connect your device to the ethernet jack in your room using your patch cable or adapter.


  • Verify that your device has Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Register your personal device on Alverno’s MyDevices Portal.
  • Connect your device to the AlvernoSTU wireless network.


Many wireless devices are designed for use on a home network.  They do not have the capability to use security protocols that most enterprise networks require.  Alverno wireless uses the WPA2-Enterprise protocol.  Devices like SmartTVs, gaming devices (PlayStation, Xbox), and streaming devices (FireStick, Chromecast, Roku) do not support WPA2-Enterprise and will not connect to AlvernoSTU.  We’ve created a special resident device network to support “home” devices called AlvernoSPR.  This network is only for resident “home” devices that will not connect to AlvernoSTU.  This network is available in the residence halls and is restricted to Internet access only.


  • You can register up to 5 devices in the MyDevices Portal.

  • If you intend to use a device on the wireless network and on your room’s Ethernet jack, both adapter addresses must be registered and count as two of your five registrations.

  • Non-registered personal devices will not be able to connect to residence hall ethernet jacks nor to any secure Alverno wireless network (e.g. AlvernoSTU).

  • Alverno recommends wired connections over wireless where possible.  Wired connections are typically faster and more reliable.