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Directions for Network Connection Request Form

All resident students connecting a personal device to the Alverno network (wired or wireless) must submit a Residence Hall Network Connection Request form before the posted deadline. Wired connections in residence hall rooms will be disabled if the form has not been completed by the deadline.


  1. Browse to the Alverno Service Desk at (If prompted, log in as alverno\username)
  2. Click the Information Technology Help icon on the left
  3. On the IT Services Portal screen, click “Add a New Incident/Request"
  4. Enter a Summary and Description on the form
  5. Select the following
    1. Service:  Network Services
    2. Category:  Residence Hall Connection
    3. Subcategory:  Request Connection
      Alverno Service Desk screenshot; Residence Hall Network Connection request
  6. Complete the Residence Hall Network Connection Request form which will appear on the right side of the screen
    1. Computer Name:  See How to Determine Your Computer Name
    2. Jack ID:  The Jack ID is required for wired connections. It is the label on the network jack in your room and will be in the format CL2-D35
    3. MAC Address(es):  See How to Determine Your MAC Address(es)
    4. Agreement:  Read the agreement and indicate your acceptance by checking the box
  7. Click the Save buttonResidence Hall Network Connection Form