Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology is hardware or software designed to provide improved computer access for individuals with disabilities. 

Adaptive Technology on the Alverno Campus (10/16)

Digital Audio Recorders - Simple, inexpensive way to record class lecture, etc.  Use on off switch to start/stop recording.  Plug into computer via usb port and play audio file.    Students with learning disabilities, vision impairments and mobility problems.  Check out from Instructional Services.  

Dragon Systems Naturally Speaking – Version 11 - Voice recognition software that allows the user to bypass the keyboard/mouse and speak text and commands into the computer. Students with mobility issues and learning disabilities. RC 109E & RC 109F

(Students needing adaptive technology have priority use of this computer but need to reserve the room in advance through Colleen Barnett at 382-6026.)  Version 13 for PC or Mac is now available:

Franklin Speaking Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary - Electronic dictionary that provides correct spelling, definitions, synonyms, etc. Speaks words out loud.  Students with learning disabilities or English as a second language issues. Check out from Instructional Services.

Kurzweil 3000 - Optical character recognition software that allows user to scan print materials (books, articles, handouts) into computer, enlarge and read outloud.  K 3000 will also read web pages.  Students who have difficulty accessing materials in print format: students with learning disabilities, low vision or English as a second language issues.  Alverno has a web license to be able to download this software onto student computers.  Also located on every public access student computer on campus. Scan function only available at designated station in Alverno Library Main Reference Room. Training Required; contact Colleen Barnett at 382-6026.

Lap Top Computer - Available for students who need a computer to take notes in class or have limited access to the Computer Center. Students with learning disabilities, medical or mobility issues.                                  Check out from Instructional Services.                          

Livescribe Smart Pen - Digitally records what is said as student takes notes on special paper.  When pen is touched at specific place in notes for review, pen will provide auditory play back of what was said at that time.    Any student who wants to enhance their note taking process, but specifically students with learning disabilities.  Schedule demonstration by calling Colleen Barnett at 382-6026.

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary - Says words out loud with the press of a button

Microsoft Natural Keyboard - Split keyboard that provides more natural wrist alignment. Students who may have pain associated with repetitive stress injuries     Check out from the Computer Center desk.  Once plugged in, the computer will need to be restarted.

Natural Reader - A free text to speech software that can be downloaded to your PC with opportunity to purchase upgrades.

Read Please - Free text to speech software that can be downloaded to our PC with opportunity to purchase upgrades.

Spellex Handheld Medical Dictionary - Provides the correct spelling of over 300,000 medical and pharmaceutical words.  Students with learning disabilities, English as second language issues and others who struggle with spelling.