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iPad Cart

iPad Cart

Technology Services has two iPad carts with 30 (iPad Air 2) iPads (with wi-fi only—no 3/4G) on each cart. The iPad carts can be requested through our online reservation system.

The delivery policies and procedures are the same as the wireless laptop carts.  The iPad carts are reserved as a unit. The iPads are not checked out individually.


PLEASE NOTE:  Apple has changed the way apps are activated for educational institutions.  As a result, you will need to connect to a wireless network before launching each app for the first time.  If this step is not followed, you will receive the following error: "Unable to verify App." The app will not open.

All the iPads on the carts have the same set of apps installed. Our existing app list includes the following:

123D Design Microsoft Excel
Adobe Acrobat Microsoft PowerPoint
AudioCopy Microsoft Word
Breathe Numbers
Brushes 3 OneDrive for Business
Calculator Pages
Camera Paper by FiftyThree
Chrome PhotoBooth
Class Dojo Photos
Common Core Standards Podcasts
Dragon Dictation Prezi Viewer
Dropbox Safari
Educreations Sketchbook
Explain Everything Skype
Facebook Skype for Business
Face Time Student email
GDrive for Google Drive Messages
Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides The Weather Channel
Google Hangouts Twitter
Graphic Videolicious
iBooks Videolicious
iMovie Vimeo
iTunes U Vine
Keynote WebEx
Mandalas Wordpress
Maps YouTube Capture
Meritum Paint Pro Zen Brush

All of the paid apps (*) have been purchased through Tech Services’ corporate account so that we can “reimage” the iPads and restore the apps owned by the College.  Faculty may request new apps in much the same way they request new software for installation in the computer labs.  If the app is free, it can certainly be added to all the iPads during one of the next “refresh” periods in August and January.  Quicker turnaround might be feasible, but would need to be requested and approved on a case by case basis.  Funds for additional paid apps would need to come from the department requesting them.  Several faculty members have already indicated that they will fund these purchases through a student course fee (yes; we realize that the students’ wouldn’t get to “keep” the app their course fee funded, but since the cost of apps is relatively low, we’re planning to treat them more like consumables).

Printing from the iPad carts is available.  One color printer is available and must be ordered separately.  The printer must be connected to a network jack in order to print from the iPads.