VPN Access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) access

Alverno offers VPN accounts to employees who have a need to securely access the College's network while traveling outside the office or working from home.  A VPN account gives the employee permission to access the following network resources:

  • Colleague
  • Alverno’s Intranet
  • Network drives (H: and U:)

 It is not necessary to have a VPN account to access the following:

 VPN Access Request Form

Users in the “Staff” VPN group can connect to the Alverno network at any time. 

Please be aware that Technology Services runs data backup jobs every night.  Files that are “in use” or open during backups are skipped and cannot be restored.  We suggest making copies of files that you will be working on and copying them back to shared drives when you are done, otherwise your open files may not get backed up.

  • VPN is included when network downtime is announced, for example during the monthly shutdowns,  so there will be times when VPN will not be available. 
  • Finally, as a reminder, please do not leave your VPN session open longer than necessary.  A limited number of people are allowed to connect to the VPN at one time, so please disconnect when you are not using the connection.  Be kind to your fellow VPN users.