Respect for Others

Technology Use Policy – Respect for Others

Personal Information of Other Individuals - Protect personal information of other individuals when disseminating electronic information. If you observe an individual’s personal information being disclosed in an objectionable manner, you are required to report it to the appropriate personnel/supervisor. 

Copyright and Intellectual Property -

  • Respect fair use of copyrighted material and intellectual property. Copying of materials, including passwords and files which belong to others, constitutes a breach of the policy.  Note that unauthorized duplication or transmission of copyrighted or other proprietary content could subject you to criminal prosecution as well as personal liability in a civil suit. Alverno College does not require, request, or condone unauthorized copying or use of computer software, scanned or digital images, audio or video files, music, movies, television shows or other digital video media by College employees or students.  The College will not provide legal defense for individuals who may be accused of making/downloading such unauthorized copies of files even if these individuals maintain that such action was taken in the course of their employment by or enrollment at Alverno College. If the College is sued or fined because of unauthorized copying or use, it may seek payment from the individuals as well as subject them to disciplinary action.
  • Use software owned or licensed by the College in accordance with the applicable license. Viewing, modifying, or damaging information without authorization (including intentional introduction of viruses or unauthorized access) is unethical, may be unlawful, and is in violation. Users should assume that copying of software for use on an additional machine is prohibited unless specifically granted permission by college personnel authorized to make that decision. 
  • You may, in accordance with College policies, electronically distribute or duplicate information, software, video, graphics, photographs, music, and other material that does not fall under copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property protection.
  • Use of copyrighted material for which permission has been granted by the owner must include a phrase similar to “Copyright owned by [owner’s name, date]; used by permission.”

Needs Of Others For Resource Access - To minimize demands on Alverno’s technology resources and maximize the availability of those resources, you are expected to refrain from activities that generate excessive network traffic.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Peer-to-Peer sharing of data using applications such as, FrostWire, Vuze, uTorrent, TPB, Bit Torrent, Freenet, etc.
  • Mining cryptocurrencies using Alverno resources is prohibited.
  • Use of web cams are acceptable when used for teaching and learning purposes. Usage should be limited to activities that fall within the guidelines of the Ethical Conduct and Respect for Others sections of this document.  When using personal web cams, users are expected to observe privacy of others as well as understand that their actions represent the College.  Personal web cams should not be used for extended period of time due to large bandwidth consumption.
  • Chain letters and pyramid schemes;
  • Inappropriate or unsolicited advertisements (advertisements, promotional material, or other types of solicitation must have prior approval by Student Affairs or other appropriate College authority);
  • Posting irrelevant or inappropriate electronic messages to multiple recipients (“spamming”);
  • Multiple unsolicited electronic messages to a single recipient (“mail bombing”). Mail lists (electronic mail) may be maintained that allow Alverno users to subscribe/unsubscribe to electronic mailings.  These lists would fall under the category of solicited advertisements.  Electronic mailings to all individuals on such lists require prior approval or a standing authorization for such mailings from Student Affairs or a Vice President.  The names and e-mail addresses of individuals on mailing lists may not be distributed outside the Alverno Community;
  • Devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X) authentication are not allowed to connect to our secure wireless networks. An open, unsecure Guest network is available with Internet only access, but a guest username and password is required to connect.  We also provide a less secure, Internet access only, wireless network for our residents (device registration required) to connect “home” devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise;
  • Personal routers or access points are not permitted on Alverno’s network.

In addition, you are expected to install and run a legal, fully functional antivirus program and to perform regular virus definition updates as well as periodic system virus scans.  To prevent a widespread network disturbance, any machine found to be infected with a virus, worm, etc. will be disconnected from the campus network immediately upon discovery, and will remain disconnected until deemed “clean” by the Technology Services department.  This information also applies to any remote connections made to the campus network.

*Alverno College installs antivirus software on all college-owned computers.  If you connect to Alverno’s network using your personal computer (either on campus or through remote access), you must have an antivirus application installed.

Confidential Alverno Information - Respect the confidentiality of institutional information.  Some Alverno College materials are not intended for audiences outside the institution, could be taken out of context, may be Alverno copyrighted, or are legally confidential.  If you access confidential information unintentionally, please contact the owner of the information, network security coordinator, and/or other appropriate personnel as soon as possible.   In addition, you are responsible for College-owned information stored on your personally owned device such as a USB drive, tablet, laptop, smartphone, home computer, etc.  You should take appropriate security measures, to protect the data and ensure that FERPA and HIPAA laws are followed.  Alverno data should be stored in accordance with Alverno’s Data Protection Policy and Guidelines. 

Use of Alverno College Name – The Alverno College name may only be used in an official context for College business. To avoid misrepresentation of Alverno College, do not use the Alverno College name or any symbol, graphic, text, or logo associated with Alverno College in a manner implying endorsement of any political, social, or commercial activity or in a context that implies official endorsement by the College without prior written approval of Student Affairs, Marketing  Communications, or other appropriate College authority.  Individuals who, through their employment or other established association with the College, represent Alverno in an official capacity are not required to obtain written permission but should ensure that the College is represented in an appropriate manner.