Ethical Conduct

Technology Use Policy – Ethical Conduct

Compliance with Technology Use Policies – You are expected to comply with the terms of the Alverno College Technology Use Policies and to report violations of the policy to the appropriate College personnel (please refer to the last page).  This policy applies when accessing the resources of other institutions through Alverno College.  Other institutions may have more restrictive use policies and you must abide by those policies as well as the policies of Alverno College.

Compliance with Alverno Library Policies - All Alverno students, faculty, and staff are issued library barcodes when they receive their college identification cards.  By using your library barcode to borrow materials or to access electronic resources through the library web site or TOPCAT (the library’s online catalog) you agree to abide by the Alverno Library Circulation policies.  You are responsible for all materials and equipment borrowed on your library barcode including any replacement costs and processing fees for lost or damaged items, or for any overdue fines for late materials or equipment.  The borrower’s agreement covers any items borrowed from the Alverno Library, the Media Hub, any of the SWITCH libraries, or through Interlibrary Loan or Infopass transactions.  In the event any legal action is taken, you agree to pay all reasonable collection costs, including attorney’s fees and other charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid.  For a detailed list of the Alverno Library Circulation policies please see

Self-Identification - Identify yourself and your affiliation accurately in electronic and verbal communication.  Concealing your identity or using the identity of others is fraudulent, irresponsible and a serious violation of this policy.

Personal Responsibility - Be responsible for your actions, as an Alverno College community member and as a member of the global community.  Personal conduct carries a burden of responsibility and you must be aware of, and accept responsibility for, the consequences of your actions.  This includes accepting responsibility for protecting your own work. Maintain backup copies of important work and change your password often, at least every 180 days.  Alverno will email reminders and require a password change after 180 days.

Lawful and Permitted Purposes – Use Alverno’s technology resources for lawful and College approved purposes.  Approved primary purposes include teaching and learning, and official College business.  Permissible secondary purposes include College-related social, personal, and community functions and activities.  Use of the technology resources for secondary purposes is always subordinate to use for primary purposes and must not involve significant use of technology resources, direct costs, or substantially interfere with the performance of teaching and learning, official College business, and administrative matters.  The use of resources for purposes not specifically permitted by the College, or assisting others in infractions of College policies, is a violation of this policy.

No Offensive Communications or Materials - Maintain a high standard of conduct in your communication.  You are a member of the Alverno community and your actions reflect on all students, faculty and staff.  Accessing, or assisting others in, downloading, uploading, transferring, posting, displaying, or printing of sexually explicit or pornographic images of any kind, or materials considered obscene, vulgar, harmful, hateful, harassing, threatening, defamatory, demeaning, or otherwise objectionable is a violation of College policy.  Sending material that is abusive, offensive or unwanted may disrupt the work of others and is a violation of the policy.

Social Media - Social media is designed to disseminate information through social interaction.  Alverno College believes in interaction with others to achieve goals, resolve conflicts and build relationships.   Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and many others allow faculty, staff and students to develop social interaction skills and to stay connected in their personal and professional lives.  This policy has been created to ensure operation is in accordance with College policy and represents the College’s best interest.

Faculty, staff and students are expected to act responsibly and to follow the same behavioral standards online as they do in real life situations, as described in detail above.  Information and photos posted online are public information and inadvertent use of identifying information could be in violation of FERPA or HIPAA regulations. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to be prudent when posting information on social media sites.  Alverno College does not routinely monitor online communities, however, pictures and information brought to the attention of the College describing or documenting behavior considered to be in violation of College policies, such as those listed on page one of this document or in other official college handbooks, on campus or off campus at a College sponsored event, will be subject to further investigation.   Any College policies found to be in violation are documented as a result of the investigation and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.