Technology Use Policy


Alverno College is committed to providing technology resources to support students, staff, faculty and other qualified members of the Alverno community in the educational, administrative, and related social, personal and community activities and functions of the College.  This set of policies is designed to provide all users with information to facilitate effective use of technology at Alverno.  Authorized users are permitted to access appropriate areas of these resources.  Access must follow federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy (FERPA) Guidelines.  Please refer to the policy in the Student Handbook or Alverno & You  Note: when discrepancies between printed and electronic editions of an official document arise, the document with the most current date takes precedence unless specifically notedIt is your responsibility to stay current with these policies.  The most recent version of this policy can be found online (

We ask that you use the technology resources provided by Alverno, whether on or off campus, in a manner consistent with the purpose and the principles of the College.  Each user is responsible for following the policies in this document.  Since technology environments change rapidly, this document is subject to change. These policies do not replace, but supplement, policies detailed in the Alverno College Catalog, Student Handbook, Alverno & You, and The Alverno Educator’s Handbook.

Responsibility of Users

This policy applies to students, staff, faculty, and other guests of the Alverno community. By using the technology resources of Alverno College, you agree to and accept the responsibilities described in this and other Alverno documents. In general, you agree to follow appropriate Ethical Conduct, to maintain a Respect for Others, and to assist in maintaining the Security of the information available.  The use of technology resources at Alverno College is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use of resources may result in cancellation of those privileges or other disciplinary action.  Inappropriate use may encompass behaviors not described in these guidelines.

 Summary of Alverno College Technology Use Policies

Ethical Conduct Respect for Others Security Practices
  • Comply with the Technology Use Policies.
  • Identify yourself and your affiliation accurately.
  • Be responsible for your actions.
  • Use Alverno’s technology resources for lawful and College-approved purposes.
  • Do not use offensive communications or materials.
  • Protect personal information.
  • Respect fair use guidelines for copyrighted material and intellectual property.
  • Be aware of what electronic network communication is not allowed.
    • Chain letters
    • Unsolicited advertisements
    • Spamming/Mail bombing
    • Phishing Scams
    • Peer to Peer
  • Do not share confidential information.
  • Use the Alverno College name only for official business or with permission.
  • Do not distribute your password or the password of another person. Do not use another person’s password.
  • Password change is required every 180 days.
  • Report violations.
  • Do not send confidential information electronically in an unsecured fashion. Do not send unauthorized confidential information.
  • These policies apply whenever you are using Alverno resources.
  • An antivirus application must be installed on a personally-owned computer when connecting to the campus network.