Facilities & Services

Computer Center Facilities & Services

The Computer Center includes one large open-access lab, three computer classrooms, three small-group workrooms and a small group classroom.  All computers in the the Computer Center have a set of standard software installed. Additional course-specific software is available on selected computers; a complete list is posted in each room.

Open Access Lab – RC109B

RC 109B has Windows and Macintosh computers available for walk-in use by students.  A color laser printer and two black/white laser printers are available for use.  Several computers have scanners.

Computer Classrooms – RC 110, RC 111 & RC 109G

  • RC 110 has 30 computers.
  • RC 111 has 18 computer and classroom tables. 
  • RC 109G has 20 computers and classroom tables. 

These rooms are available for walk-in use when not reserved for classes.

Small group workrooms – RC 109C, RC109E, RC109F

Each workroom has one computer and space for up to six people to work on a computer project.  RC 109C has a large monitor and some adaptive technology software installed on the computer. The small group workrooms can be reserved by instructors for class use.  When the rooms are not reserved, they are available for walk-in use.

Small group classroom – RC109D

RC 109D has seven computers at tables for classes working in groups of two or three.  The room is available for walk-in use when it is not reserved for the Communication Resource Center or classes.

‌‌‌‌‌Computer Center Floor Plan