Alverno Scholarships

Competitive scholarships:

We’re excited to recognize students with a history of academic excellence, leadership and community service. Competitive scholarships are awarded in lieu of an Alverno academic scholarship.

Roosevelt Scholarship: This scholarship recognizes a first-year student who has demonstrated excellence in leadership. The Roosevelt Scholar will receive a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Alverno.

Presidential Scholarship: Recipients of the Presidential Scholarships are chosen from those who apply for the Roosevelt Scholarship. Up to 15 Presidential Scholarships are awarded. $56,000 over four years (or $14,000 per year)‌.

Please note: You do not need to apply twice. Submitting one Roosevelt application means you will be considered for both the Roosevelt and the Presidential Scholarships.

The application period has closed for this year. Applications for 2017 will be available in November.


Academic scholarships:

Academic scholarships are available for up to full tuition for students coming from high school, and up to $13,000 a year for transfer students. Academic scholarships are merit-based, which means they are determined by your high school academic success. Over 90% of our incoming students receive an academic scholarship and/or grant at the point of admission.

Catholic scholarships:

Alverno prepares students for the next level of excellence within the Franciscan traditions of hope, hospitality, service and faith. The following scholarships reinforce our commitment to students who understand the multitude of benefits and opportunities provided as a result of a high-caliber, Catholic education.

Clare Scholarship:

Recipients of the Clare Scholarship are graduates of one of the 14 high schools within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, with a grade point average of 2.8 or higher. It is awarded in lieu of an Alverno academic scholarship. $48,000 over four years (or $12,000 per year)


Scholarship Search Guide

This pdf booklet (Scholarship Guide) will help you with tips on applying for outside scholarships. It also lists several national search sites, which are a good way to get started with your scholarship search.

Popular scholarships:

Google these Popular Scholarships.  

Other scholarships:

The Alverno College Financial Aid Office offers various scholarships that students can apply for throughout the year. A current listing of these scholarships can be viewed here: Scholarship List (pdf). Students are encouraged to pick up an application in the Financial Aid Office and apply.

Resources for Study Abroad:

Study Abroad Resources

How to report GPA on Scholarship Applications

Students have three options for submitting their GPA for scholarships. To know what option will work best, we recommend the student contact the scholarship organization to see how to proceed with providing a GPA when Alverno does not offer letter grades.

Here are the options:

  • • Student provides an official or unofficial transcript (referred to “course history”) to scholarship organization in place of GPA. Official transcripts are available for a fee through the Registrar’s Office. The official transcript includes a lead page that explains Alverno’s grading policy, then includes course history and validations. It only includes classes that were successfully completed. The course history (which is Alverno’s equivalent of an unofficial transcript) is available free of charge through IOL.
  • •Student writes “N/A” or “0.0” in the field that requests GPA.

If one of the options above is not admissible with the organization, the student should contact Gwen Miner in Academic Affairs to submit a release and obtain a GPA conversion. GPA conversions are free.  They usually take about 2 weeks if the instructors are on campus, or longer during breaks.  

Scholarship Recommendations

For the convenience of faculty/staff, an Internal Scholarship Recommendation Form‌ is available. Students: the individuals you ask to recommend you for an internal or institutional scholarship may use the PDF to easily write their recommendation. This form would only be accepted for scholarships in which Alverno faculty/staff decides the recipients. Traditional letter recommendations are also still accepted. The person writing the recommendation may choose which method they are more comfortable with.

Current Available Scholarship Applications

Denise Bertucci Memorial Scholarship

2016-17 Tina Emerson Nursing Scholarship

Scholarship Resources from SALT

Alverno is proud to have partnered up with SALT to give students even more resources when it comes to searching and applying for scholarships. Sign up for an account, then search for the following articles, or simply enter "scholarship" into the search box to find the resources you're looking for!

 Video: Where To Find Scholarships For College