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Zohreh Emami

Zohreh Emami Zohreh Emami, professor of economics in the School of Business at Alverno College, received her Ph.D. in economics from Michigan State University. She teaches courses in international and development economics, women and the economy, women and leadership, the economic environment, and business and management.

Dr. Emami’s positions at Alverno College have included Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, chair of the Valuing Department, and chair of International Business. She has supervised and is on the advisory committee of the International & Intercultural Center, and she is a member of the Multicultural Council. She is a member of the Research Center for Women and Girls Advisory Team.

Dr. Emami consults with colleges and universities on teaching, learning, and curriculum design. She also writes and publishes in these areas and in the field of economics. Her book Engendering Economics: Conversations with Women Economists in the United States, coauthored with Paulette Olson, was published in April 2002. She has also written on the contributions of British economist Joan Robinson to the methodology and pedagogy of economics. She is currently involved in writing on the role of education in sustainable economic and democratic development. Her recent articles “Social Economics and Evolutionary Learning,” in the Review of Social Economy, and “Teaching for Economic and Democratic Life with a Gendered Lens,” in the Handbook of Research on Gender and Economic Life, are forthcoming.

Dr. Emami has served as president of the Association for Social Economics and on the boards of the Association for Social Economics, International Association for Feminist Economics, and Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership. She has also served on the Education Committee of 9to5, National Association of Working Women and on the board of the antipoverty New Hope Project.

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