Our History

In 1970, the Research Center on Women was established through the work of Sister Austin Doherty, Barbara Mulligan, and Victoria Hinshaw, for the purpose of contributing empirical and historical data to the study of women. For ten years, the Research Center on Women presented research, published research findings and hosted workshops and forums on issues that impacted the lives of women locally and nationally.

In 1981, the Research Center on Women transitioned into an internal think tank called the Research Center on Women Interest Group. This group, comprised of Alverno faculty and staff, was committed to reflection, research, planning and working through institutional and community structures to infuse women’s concerns and issues through the Alverno curriculum and the Wisconsin community.

In 2007, the Research Center on Women Interest Group joined with other interested individuals and organizations and embarked on a project to document the status of girls in Wisconsin. The result was the Status of Girls in Wisconsin report, which led to a gift by an anonymous donor for the creation of the Alverno College Research Center for Women and Girls.

Research Center Opening‌For more information about our history, please click on the following link to access the archives: http://lampout1.alverno.edu/archives/rcwexhibit/