‌The Alverno College Research Center for Women and Girls is a resource to facilitate organization and program evaluation.


Women's Tree Assessment

‌The Research Center developed a pre- and post-program assessment for ‌Power2Thrive, a program created by The Women’s Tree, that pairs up women and girls with the objective of creating natural mentoring relationships and developing future leaders.


PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc. 

PEARLS EvaluationThe Research Ce‌nter in collaboration with the Alverno Educational Research and Evaluation department responded to the evaluation needs of PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc., a nonprofit leadership development organization serving at-risk youth ages 10 to 19.  Phase one of the evaluation answered basic trend questions about growth in the number of girls enrolling in and completing one or more semesters in the PEARLS program. In addition, the report established how many girls were meeting program goals and addressed differences across types of program sites and the girls’ backgrounds.  Phase two focused on evaluating the organization’s in-house data management system and offering particular support in relation to its plans to build internal program evaluator and assessment capacity, while at the same time retaining the services of an expert external evaluation firm.