‌Our curricula equip educators and community organizations to address issues that impact women and girls, strengthening our capacity to be a resource to the community.


Anti-Bullying Behavior Curriculum: Changing Climate and Culture in Our Schools by Identifying, Preventing, and Confronting Bullying Behavior  

Anti-Bullying Curriculum CoverCurriculum Writer: Nancy Athanasiou, Ed.D.
Our curriculum assists educators who work with middle and high school students to understand and address issues created by bullying behavior in their schools and communities. Attention is given to those who bully and why, as well as to the victim—the characteristics of the victim and why s/he may not speak up. This curriculum also addresses the role of the bystander, and presents strategies that help students understand the various roles in bullying and how they can assist those who may be involved in a bullying incident. For more information regarding the Anti-Bullying Behavior Curriculum, please contact us at


PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc. Self-Development Curriculum

PEARLS Curriculum CoverCurriculum Team: Nancy Athanasiou, Ed.D. Kayla Fraley, B.S.E., Amy Westmoreland, M.Ed., select PEARLS staff and alums.
The Research Center is collaborating with PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc. (“PEARLS”), a nonprofit leadership development organization serving at-risk youth ages 10 to 19 in Milwaukee, to update its self-development curriculum to coincide with the PEARLS 10,000 Girls initiative. For more information regarding our work with PEARLS, please contact us at


Sleepovers Discussion Guide

Cover of Sleepovers Discussion GuideCurriculum Writer:Desiree Pointer Mace, Ph.D.
The Research Center created a discussion guide for Laj Waghray’s documentary film Sleepovers. Featured at the Milwaukee Film Festival, Sleepovers chronicles the lives of four girls from adolescence to young adulthood. Through this film, the audience not only shares in the stories of the girls’ journey to womanhood but realizes how important it is that girls know they are not alone. The discussion guide provides a chance for the audience to further analyze the film and engage in an informative discussion. For more information regarding the Sleepovers Discussion Guide, please contact us at

The Power of Words: Bullying Behavior Prevention Training

The Power of Words CoverCurriculum Writer: Nancy Athanasiou, Ed.D.
The Power of Words: Bullying Behavior Prevention Training was developed to facilitate a conversation about bullying behavior with elementary students. Training objectives include: raising awareness about the power of words and providing a safe atmosphere for participants to share their experiences. For more information regarding The Power of Words, please contact us at