Registration Procedures



Use Interactive Online (IOL) to complete Online Registration

Access Interactive Online (IOL) at or use the IOL Quick Link on the Alverno website at


Access Registration Information (electives, calendars, final assessment schedules, matrix, etc) at


All Weekday, Weekend and Adult Evening & Online students are strongly encouraged to meet with their Advisor for Registration Planning.


Some Weekend and Weekday students are required to meet with their Advisor.  Please check IOL, Student Information, Restrictions to see if you have a restriction to meet with your advisor #25, #31 or #32.



ALVERNO DEGREE COMPLETION STUDENTS registered through Registrar’s Office. Contact Registrar with any questions.

Registrar’s Office web page at

Access this web page for information on calendars, electives, final assessment schedules, policies and procedures and much more about registration procedures.

Use IOL to access the following information as you prepare for registration :

Academic Evaluation:  Review your academic evaluation from IOL. Contact your Academic Advisor at 382-6029 with any questions on your academic evaluation. 

Validation Report: Review your validation report from IOL. Contact your Academic Advisor at 382-6029 with any questions on your validation report.

Student Information: Review your student information from IOL. Under User Account  click on the “Update Name and Address” link with any changes to your personal or family information.

Graduation Audit (not on IOL):  For students expecting to graduate in the next year.  If a graduation audit was mailed to you from the Registrar’s Office, please review the information as you select your courses. 


a) Refer to your academic evaluation to decide which courses you will take next semester.

   Select backup course(s) and course sections should your first choice not be available.  Be sure to check all prerequisites.   Set up an appointment with your Academic Advisor if you need assistance planning your courses.

b) Refer to your student information to find out if you have one of the restrictions named below.  If you have one of these, we encourage you to take care of it as soon as possible.  If you are required to meet with your Advisor prior to registration, set up an appointment as soon as possible.

c) Be sure that the classes you select do not have timing conflicts.

d) Be sure to check for courses that meet first weekend and verify the time they meet the first weekend.


REGISTRATION ENTRY:   Your registration appointment will be in IOL. You will receive an email letting you know when you can see the appointment in IOL.

a) Log in to IOL on or after your priority registration time.

b) Review your student information including your anticipated graduation date:

  • Under User Account click on the “Update Name and Address” link with any changes to your personal or family information.
  •   Look to see if you have any restrictions.  If yes, take care of them.

c) Enter your registration by accessing search and register. If you know the exact subjects, course numbers, and sections that you want to register for, access express registration instead. Refer to IOL help and FAQ’s for more detailed information about registering online.

d) After entering your registration, review and print your class schedule. If you’ve been waitlisted in any of your course selections, access manage my waitlist.


Any drops or adds made through IOL will immediately update your records in the student information system.  Students who find it necessary to change their registration after submitting it may drop or add classes directly through IOL.  Students who find it necessary to cancel all their classes should contact the Academic Advising Office, 382-6029.

Restrictions/Holds that must be resolved prior to registering:

  • Advising Hold #22, 25, 26 & 30, 31 & 32: Students with this hold have advising concerns that require a meeting with an advisor before the registration can be entered
  • Assessment and Outreach Hold #36: Students with these holds have not completed requirements for the Level 1 Speaking or Social Interaction assessments.
  • Athletics Hold #46: Students with this hold need to see the Assistant Athletic Director
  • Student Accounts Hold #10, 10C, 10R, 11, 12, 12C, 13, 16, 18A, 18B & 20: Students with this hold are behind in payment plans or have to complete  financial aid and/or external billing  paperwork
  • Financial Aid Hold #50, 52, 55 & 56: Students with this hold have lost their eligibility for financial aid
  • Nursing Health Record Hold #80, 96, 97, 98 , 100 & 101: Students with this hold have outstanding background forms, health records, immunizations, or CPR.
  • Registrar’s Office Hold #21, 23, 81 & 115: Students with this hold have an outstanding official high school and/or college transcript(s), Registrar concerns or Missing Basic Skills missing
  • Student Affairs Hold #27, 41, 42 & 44: Students with this hold have Student Service concerns.
  • Library Hold #60: Students with this hold need to see the Library.