Problems that Prevent Registration

Please note that any registration message you receive will be displayed in red at the top of the screen. The messages provided below are examples.

  • You cannot register before your registration appointment

Message: You are not allowed to register before 11:30 a.m. on 11/12/16.
Solution: Wait to register until your registration appointment or later.

  • You do not have a registration appointment

Message: You do not have an IOL Registration Appointment for the term. Please contact the Registrar’s Office.
Solution: Contact the Registrar’s Office to schedule a registration appointment.

  • You cannot register with certain restrictions

Message: You must clear restrictions shown on Student Information.
Solution: Check your Student Information in IOL for a list of your restrictions. Contact the appropriate office and clear up your restrictions.

  • You are timed out if your screen remains idle for 10 minutes

Message: For your security, you have been timed out. If you would like to access your accounts again, please Log In Again.
Solution: If you are timed out during your appointment, simply log in and start again.

  • You cannot register for courses once the course begins

Message: PSY-250-01 – You are not allowed to register online for courses once the course begins. You will need written permission from the instructor to add a class that has already started. Contact the Registrar’s Office for details.

Solution: Students cannot register online for courses once the course begins. Contact the instructor and the Registrar's Office.

  • You cannot drop courses after official enrollment

Message: N-250-01 – You are not allowed to drop online after official enrollment. Contact the Registrar’s Office via your Alverno email.
Solution: Students cannot drop online for courses once the semester begins. Contact the Registrar’s Office.

  • You do not meet course prerequisites

       Message: PSY-365-01 – Course PSY-365 Prerequisites have not been started –OR-
       Message: PSY-365-01 – Course PSY-365 Prerequisites are in progress (partially complete).
       Solution: Prerequisites are intended to ensure that you have the necessary background for the course. Contact the instructor  to        identify the key outcomes included in the prerequisites. If you have demonstrated the outcomes in other ways fill out a general                permit form on the Registrar's office webpage to provide evidence of meeting the outcomes and request that the prerequisites be waived. If approved, the Registrar's Office will register you for the course.

  •  Undergraduate students cannot register for a graduate level course

Message: Undergraduate students cannot register for a graduate level course.
Solution: Contact your advisor.

  • You cannot register for two courses that meet at the same time (course time conflict)

Message: RL-313-01 conflicts with EN-310-01.
Solution: Register for only one of these courses, or pick a different section. Contact your advisor for other options.

  • You cannot register for a course without selecting a required co-requisite course

Message: CH-221-01 requires registration in course CH-221L-01.
Solution: Add the corequisite course to your registration.

  • You cannot register for internship courses

Message: PSY-483-01 – Permission is required for registration in PSY-483-01.
Solution: Contact your advisor and the Internship Office.

  • You cannot register for more than 18 credits

Message: LA-321-01 – Registration in LA-321-01 puts you in Overload. General Permit is required.
Solution: Contact your advisor.

  •  The course you want is full, but waitlist is available

Message: MGT-100-01 course is filled. Either add to waitlist or look for an available section.
Solution: Add to waitlist and monitor on Manage My Waitlist or look for a different section.

  • The course you want is full, and no waitlist is available

Message: MGT-100-01 course is filled. Waitlisting is not allowed for this section.
Solution: Look for a different section or contact your advisor.