Progress Reports

A Progress Report is available through Interactive Online (IOL) after the close of the semester. The Progress Report consists of the names of the courses and abilities that you attempted during the semester and your progress code in each. An instructor reports your progress for the course and validation according to one of the following five codes: 

  • Satisfactory (S) indicates all requirements of the course, development of abilities and mastery of subject matter have been met.
  • Incomplete (I) indicates minimal amount of work remains to be completed.
  • Unsatisfactory (U) indicates insufficient evidence for meeting the standards of the course.
  • Withdrawal (W) for a validation only indicates that the student did not attempt the validation.
  • Auditor (AU) indicates you have selected to audit the course.
  • Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) indicates an unofficial withdrawal from the course.
  • Drop/Withdrawal (DW) indicates an official drop/withdrawal from the course.

Please note that certain restrictions placed on student’s records will not allow them to access the progress report.