Registration Procedures and Timeline

In order to intern for credit, students must complete the following items:

1. View the series of

Online Internship Preparation

You must complete the Internship Preparation Modules in Moodle titled "Internship Preparation Ongoing" on your Moodle Homepage one to two semesters before your internship. (If you do not see the course on your Moodle Homepage, please e-mail Megan Anderson to be activated)

Working with the Internship Program Staff

You must meet with an Internship Program administrator for a planning session one to two semesters before your internship. The Program administrator continues to work with you throughout the placement process.

Internship Preparation Workshop

You will attend an Internship Preparation Workshop. Register on Alverno Connects. Note: You must complete the Moodle modules before attending an Internship Preparation Workshop.

Preparing A Resume

During this time you will also prepare a resume. Resume Writing Workshops are held on campus every semester. Register on Alverno Connects. Please use Internship Resume Wrting Guide‌ to create a rough draft of a resume prior to attending the workshop. An electroinc copy of your resume is required at the workshop for review and editing. Upon completion of the Resume Writing Workshop, you will need send a copy of your resume to the Internship Program Administrator.

Completing An Internship Application

You must complete an application to do an internship. You will receive the application at the Internship Preparation Workshop. Your advisor signs the application indicating that you have the approval of the discipline department. You must then submit the signed application to the Internship Office.

Registering For Credit

During the registration period (November or April), you register for the internship and the accompanying seminar.

Finding An Internship

You can investigate likely internship sites, select several, apply to them, and arrange for interviews. The Internship Program Administrators will help you identify potential internship sites as well.

Finalizing Your Site

After interviewing, a site may offer you a position. You will arrange the terms of the internship with the site (i.e. schedule, start date, etc.) and notify the Internship Office. You will provide the Internship Office with the name of your site, mailing address, mentor’s name, title, phone number, and e-mail address.

Getting Ready to Start Your Internship

The Internship Program staff send information and materials to students, mentors and faculty a week prior to the beginning of the semester.

Starting At Your Site

You begin work on-site during the first week of classes of the semester or summer session.

The Internship Seminar

You attend the concurrent seminar throughout the semester or summer session (Other arrangements are made for national and international internships)

During Your Internship

Throughout the semester, the Internship Program staff keep in touch with students, mentors, and the faculty who teach the seminar.