Advantages to Students

Internships help you:

  • Begin shaping your own direction in the “real world” of your profession
  • Transfer learning from classroom to workplace
  • Sharpen abilities and skills
  • Translate the theories you have learned about your chosen profession into actual day-to-day practice
  • Focus more directly on what it means to be a professional in a specific discipline
  • Determine whether or not a particular career path appeals to you
  • Add the weight of professional experience to your resume
  • Make valuable professional contacts for future networking

How we assist student interns
An off-campus placement is a degree requirement for all Alverno weekday college students. The staff and faculty assist you to be successful in your internship in a variety of ways.

You will be well prepared for your internship experience because:

  • You will be engaged in experiential learning activities throughout the curriculum that precedes the internship
  • You will not be approved to do an internship until you demonstrate that you have a solid foundation in the theory and practice of your discipline
  • You will be assisted in the internship placement process by the Internship office staff
  • You will be supported during the internship by faculty who teach the required concurrent seminar class
  • You will be further supported during the internship by the Internship Office staff

Alverno has a central Internship office. The staff facilitates placement of students in internships at local, national and international sites — businesses, government agencies or community organizations.

Services provided include:

  • Internship site development. We have hundreds of sites from which to choose although you are not limited to those sites. We will work with you to develop a new site
  • Individual meetings with students to assist in site selection and placement;
  • Workshops to prepare students for the internship;
  • Monitoring of student internships through:
    • Site visits
    • Regular communication with faculty who teach the accompanying seminar
    • Collection and storage of internship tracking and evaluation records
    • Exit interviews

If you are planning to do an internship for academic credit, please contact us.